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Aaron Rodgers will send Packers messages with OTAs either way.

Over the weekend, when Green Bay Packers chairman Mark Murphy answered fans’ questions in his monthly exchange on the team’s website. There were some public statements reverberating in the team’s blind spot with defender Aaron Rodgers.

The most eye-catching headlines from Murphy about his star defender which comes in a somewhat uncoordinated form That is the situation Rodgers has divided the fan base. It’s an interesting reflection, albeit unscientific. But in addition to exchanging with fans, Murphy shared two important pieces of information. First, the Packers are not considering holding Rodgers “in 2021

and beyond”. Murphy pointed to General Manager Brian Gutekunst for his full support. So far it seems he credits GM sending some Pro Bowl players drafted by Gutekunst’s predecessor, Ted Thompson.

Make no mistake, there is a message in all of this. What made the franchise’s stance clear just days before the compulsory minicamp tournament kicked off on Tuesday: Green Bay decision-makers were dug up when it came to Rodgers. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Tuesday Rodgers had a chance to react. and that response will lack ambiguity.

Rodgers showed up just in time for training this week. This effectively ends the quest for trade. Or he skipped the camp altogether. This will put pressure on the impasse before the training camp opens in late July. Because Rodgers skipped team activities during this offseason. And Murphy recently addressed the alleged division of fans on the issue. It would be even more surprising if Rodgers attended the event than skipping camps.

Aaron Rodgers will send a big message this week.  Whether or not he attended Packers training camp (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers will send a big message this week. Whether or not he attended Packers training camp (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

But his absence will be his biggest statement in this saga, which has simmered since the end of the season. But there was only one public statement about the fuzzy unhappiness by the quarterback in May. Skipping the forced camp for the first time in his 16-year career – and possibly fined $93,085 in the process – was the most compelling statement for the offseason who spoke (both his body and his money) to the Packers: I was right. dig like you

The true meaning in the big picture is debatable. The Packers have endured this for over a month now. And the nature of the questions about Rodgers doesn’t really change. If he is not in the mini camp The team leader has admitted that there is a problem and they believe they are working on a fix. That philosophy doesn’t need to change this week. Even if it means the league’s MVP isn’t ready to work with his teammates.

What the Packers can do — and probably could if Rodgers is away — is the same thing they’ve been doing since the start of organized team events. They’ll talk about second-year defender Jordan Love and highlight what he did with the first-team offense. They would deflect questions about Rodgers by saying they were trying to fix the problem. And they will wash and repeat what Murphy said publicly last weekend that Rodgers is a planned start-up for 2021 and that Gutekunst is backed by the franchise.

as a matter of fact The person whose stance has been enlarged or changed the most this week is Rodgers himself. Especially if he refuses to join the mini-camp. First, he will show his most overwhelming intention in the arsenal. without taking any time In the offseason infrastructure of the team That’s a big statement, especially from the league’s MVP. Second, it’s going to be the start of the team’s break before camp. By turning the rest of the era into contemplation about whether or not Rodgers will also leave training camp.

Perhaps the most interesting wrinkle is what happened on the field this week if Rodgers hadn’t participated, if Love showed a major breakthrough in the Packers’ offense and with journalists seeing the real events instead of hearing about it. With this, there’s a chance the Packers taking a break before training camp might be brave enough to hold on to Rodgers more or be willing to consider trading him. Not getting close to Rodgers would put a lot of pressure on both Murphy and Gutekunst. Not only will the media and fan base know that the Packers are not ready to lose Rodgers, but the coaching staff will know and have to walk. rope to say yes

If it sounds like a lot of riding in a single minicamp, it’s because it is. For The Packers, Front Office, Sophomore Quarterback and Staff Coach one way or another This will be an unforgettable week in Green Bay. Whether it’s a store that repairs the franchise in the next few months or it’s going to collapse altogether.

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