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Abraham Almonte took the sixth place in the Braves debut.

Abraham Almonte did not make the opening day roster. He was not summoned in the early stages of the injuries of Enderinzerte and Christian Pace. But now he’s on the roster and six hits it goes.

Almonte has had 80 wRC + for his career and has had very limited playing time in the past few years in the majors. He is lighting up the international league by walking more than a strike, an ISO above .200 and a BABIP near -.500, and Braves certainly won’t look to any doubts at the big leagues like Unlikely

Neither Al Monte nor his teammate Guiller Moheredea had never faced Banditos. But the rest of the lineup has and is very happy when they clash with the right hand:

Ronald Acuña Jr. has played for Ross once this season.Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson have also made a home for Ross in their careers.

The nationals lineup behind Ross follows:

Victor Robles was activated from the list of injured earlier today. But not in the lineup as Andrew Stevenson took center stage. This is a list of novels for Washington and the defensive arrangements they have used in their recent win over Orioles.

This crew’s exposure to Charlie Morton is somewhat lacking: Juan Soto has never faced Morton before.

Here’s Statcast graphics, and we’re all ready for what, hopefully, won’t be another frustrating game.

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