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Acer adds Ryzen 5000 CPUs to its Nitro 5 gaming notebook

We have to see a smaller version of the Nitro 5 in the flesh. It is (inhumane) and has a lot to like, despite its role as an inexpensive machine.Of course, Acer insists that the Nitro 5’s better cooling technology will help it run more efficiently than its close-priced rivals. Coincide It looks better than previous Max-Q laptops as well, often sacrificing some of the design to support better heat. In our experience, the keyboard is too small for fast-twitch competition, but that’s what the peripherals are for.

7;m thinking short But I think the single USB-C port on the chassis is a bit troublesome given how quickly we adopt the standard. There are definitely a lot of people out there who may not have their own disposable cash to upgrade their peripherals. But it would be nice if there were both sides. Also, the sacrifices and reconciliation here are reasonably hidden. (For now) that you might not even notice you’re using a (pretty) cheap gaming notebook, we won’t know for sure until we can drop the finished version for an actual stress test. But for now, the Nitro 5 makes a good first impression.

At the same time, Acer is updating the Aspire 7 (and 5) with new AMD chip options, with the top-tier models getting the Ryzen 5000 series chips and the highest GTX 1650 GPUs, so you can usually order the maximum amount of RAM. 32GB, 1TB SSD and WiFi 6 are optional on this machine, including user-controllable fan speed. Meanwhile, the mid-range Aspire 5 will receive a 5000-series chip (unspecified) paired with AMD’s Radeon RX 640 GPU, up to 24GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD or 2TB HDD.

The Acer Nitro 5 will be available in 15.6 and 17.3-inch models in North America this February, with the base models $ 750 and $ 850 respectively. As usual, that price skyrocket as soon as you start adding parts to that popular system, which will set you back $ 2,299, while the Aspire 7 and 5 will arrive in March with the base model set at 750. $ 7 and $ 550 for 5.

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