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Across the country, the search for the mother and child has died. On the way near Las Vegas

Police opened a nationwide search for the mother of a boy who was found dead on a hiking trail near Las Vegas last month.

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez is accused of killing the boy. And an arrest warrant seeking the extradition across the country has been approved, Lt. Ray Spencer said at a news conference on Monday afternoon.

The boy, identified Monday as 7-year-old Liam Husted from San Jose, California, left San Jose with his mother four days before his body was found. officials said The boy was last seen with Rodriguez, 35, in 2007, in a dark blue Dodge Caliber, on May 24, police said.

It was not clear why investigators believed she had killed the boy. and Spencer said “There is nothing to indicate any previous violations we are aware of.”


The boy’s father was informed of the identity and death on Monday, he said.

Climbers find Liam’s body in Mountain Springs. It was about 30 miles west of Las Vegas on the morning of May 28, officials said. Detectives believe the bodies were laid on the path the night before.

After distributing a sketch of a boy A woman immediately claimed that he was her 8-year-old son who was traveling with his father and stepbrother immediately. All of them disappeared. However, when the trio arrived safely on May 29, the officers returned to one spot with the unidentified bodies.

Spencer said a San Jose police sergeant called him Friday night to say the missing boy might be involved in the missing mother and son case in his jurisdiction.

Detectives believe the mother and son traveled to Laguna Beach and Victorville, California, on May 26, the lieutenant said. The Dodge Caliber was then found near Grand Junction, Colorado, on May 29, he said.

Rodriguez “self-checked in” at a Denver hotel on May 31, the last time Rodriguez was seen, Spencer said.

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