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Acting AG: ‘No Patience’ for Biden’s Inauguration Problem

Rosen’s late-night emergence online comes after lengthy criticism from lawmakers and former officials over a lack of public confidence from senior federal law enforcement officials following a shocking attack on the City Hall last Wednesday

Michael Sherwin, Acting US Attorney General in Washington and FBI Chief of the Washington Field Office Steven D’Antuono, gave reporters the first time the camera briefing on Tuesday they and / or their staff held the meeting. Twice telephone lectures to reporters following last week’s Capitol riots. But they are not allowed to broadcast their words.


7;s statement posted early Wednesday on YouTube was pre-recorded, without question, the video was released while President Donald Trump was suspended from the same platform for a week from what the site had. Google, the owner, said it violated the rules.

Rosen, who became the DOJ’s No. 2 officer in 2019 – took over as Justice Department leader just before Christmas following the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.

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