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Adam Carolla on Ellen DeGeneres Trilogy: Her Team ‘Looks Scared’ The Last Time I Attended

Comedian Adam Carolla commented on Friday on Fox Business’s “Varney & Co.” about a workplace misconduct scandal related to the talk show of the New York Times. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and the news that she has decided to end the show next year.

When asked recently whether she thought it was “canceled” – ‘culture canceled’ ̵

1; DeGeneres, 63, replied that she did not understand the allegations of the satirical work environment: “I still don’t understand it. Being manipulated too; Too coordinated, ”she said.

Carolla said he had been invited to a number of DeGeneres shows, but his last appearance was about a decade ago.

Carolla clearly remembers being impressed that DeGeneres employees seemed “scared” compared to other talk shows.

“When you attend a show, maybe Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman, it feels like you are in every workplace,” he said, adding that by contrast, staff at Kimmel’s ABC talk show were more relaxed. . “

“Everyone is in a good mood without any pressure. [on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”]I show Ellen’s everyone is scared. That is the impression I walked away more than ten years ago, ”he added.

“What she doesn’t know what’s going on might be true. I’m the boss and I don’t feel like you have to be everyone’s best friend… You have to treat people fairly and, most importantly, pay them money. Them – but I made a note of years ago that her staff were afraid. “

He recalled that the producers of his work were “horrified” by the environment on DeGeneres’ show at the time.

Carolla also made a voice in Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Gavin Newsom turned California into a “burning garbage ship”.

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He told host Stuart Warney that he, like many others, planned to flee the state once his children graduated.

“Newsom was essentially ‘dictator’ – and he’s a fanatic. I interviewed Gavin Newsom, and if you want to hear me dismantle Gavin Newsom in my podcast about 5 years ago, it’s available on www.newsom.com. The Internet, ”he noted.

“He’s an idiot, California is out of control,” he added, calling the state teacher unions a “coward” that controls Newsom.

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