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Adam L. Price of Bellevue, Nebraska, Theodore Hunted Children and Emily Found Dead.

The father of two children was hunted in Nebraska, whose bodies were found at his home, on a third visit by police in less than a day.

Mary Nielsen, the children’s mother, asked officials in Bellevue to come to the home because their father was supposed to check-in using FaceTime while they visited him, and she has not been contacted by them since Thursday night.

Officers went to Adam Price’s home shortly before 10 PM on Saturday and again around 9:00 AM on Sunday morning, “but did not notice the extreme circumstances that would force them to enter the house.” Andy Jachinske said in a statement.

Nielsen calls a friend to investigate, and the person finds 3-year-old Theodore Price and his five-year-old sister Emily, then calls the police. Omaha World Herald report.

The cause of death of the children has not been disclosed. But police said it was suspicious and they alerted Price, believed to be on a dark blue Mazda CX7 with a Nebraska license plate number VGY434.

In the removed Facebook post, Nielsen posted a goodbye to her children.


7;m so sad to see the two of you go away. You don’t deserve this and I love you so much. I will fight a thousand times to get you back again, ”she wrote.

“Heaven has two beautiful angels, and I hope the great Grandfather will greet you at the door. You are the only reason I have survived all that I have done and the only reason I am alive. I love you until we meet again, my love. ”

Relatives set up a GoFundMe to help pay for the funeral. “Emi and Teddy are the loveliest kids and don’t deserve to be out of this world this way,” the post reads.

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