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Advice on the new COVID-19 testing rules for travel to the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have ordered all travelers flying to the United States from abroad to be required to show evidence of negative Covid-19 testing before boarding from Jan. 26, the CDC said pre-fire testing is necessary for COVID-19 cases continue to soar, and new and more contagious strains of the virus are emerging around the world.


7;s what you need to know about the new protocol before you leave.

Who impacted?

This order applies to anyone traveling to the United States on international flights, including US citizens. You will be required to show a negative test result even if you are flying on a private jet or charter flight. There are exceptions for children under 2 years of age, airline crew, federal law enforcement officers and members of the military traveling on duty.

Which countries are covered?

All of them. Passengers must show evidence of a negative test when traveling to the United States from any country including Mexico and the Caribbean. Airlines can apply for temporary exemptions for some countries where testing equipment is inadequate. But the airline has yet to specify which country might be in this category.

The international test requirements went into effect on 26 January.People arriving from the UK were given a similar test requirement that went into effect in December following the emergence of the new coronavirus there.

What kind of tests do I need and when? What if I have no results? Air travelers heading to the United States must be tested no later than three days before flying and bring in written or electronic proof of flight results. The carrier can receive both the PCR and the rapid antigen test. If you do not have documents with you, the airline will not permit you to board as directed by the CDC.

The airline is still figuring out the exact methods that will be used to validate the test results. Customers coming from the UK using United Airlines show results in the lobby prior to the security. But the details may not be the same for other countries, a United Airlines Holdings Inc. spokeswoman said.

What if i am vaccinated?

Even if you have been vaccinated with Covid-19, you will still be required to show evidence of a negative test.

What if I just had COVID-19 and I get better?

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past three months. But there are no symptoms anymore, the CDC does not recommend re-testing. If you are in this category and meet the criteria to end separation, the CDC says you can travel as long as you have written permission from your healthcare provider or public health worker. Bring your positive test results and a doctor’s letter to the airline in place of the negative test results.

Does this mean the US has lifted most travel bans from Europe, the UK and other countries?

Not at this point The airline has pushed the government to lift those bans, especially now that testing requirements are in effect. The government does not take action on this, so non-US citizens or permanent residents will not be able to come to the United States from Europe, Britain, Brazil, China and Iran. Likewise, many countries do not allow tourists to enter from the United States or continue to impose lengthy quarantine requirements upon arrival.

What if I want to change my travel plan now?

The airline has already eliminated most of the international change fees and is adding more flexibility for those looking to adjust their plans and travel to the United States before the new test requirements take effect.

For example, American Airlines Group Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. will allow people to rebook international tickets to the United States, scheduled until February 9, as long as the new journey starts on or before the 25th. January that means you It can be rebooked to fly before the test is required without paying higher last minute fares.

Do I have to be tested again or undergoing quarantine when I’m back in the US?

The CDC recommends that people take the second test, three to five days after travel, and stay home for seven days (or 10 days without a second test) .The self-test is not a substitute for social isolation. And wearing a mask, CDC officials said.

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