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AEW’s Tony Khan mocks WWE’s Nick Khan: “There’s only room for Khan in Pro Wrestling”

Tony Khan, Chairman, CEO, General Manager And AEW’s Chief Creative Officer tweeted Nick Khan, WWE’s president and chief revenue officer.

As we have already said It is reported by several sources that the WWE president has been in talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling since late March or April about WWE potentially becoming the only North American partner for NJPW. The talks also involve Daniel Bryan who may work with NJPW. You can click here to see our latest report on WWE talks – NJPW. The AEW chief lashed out and said there was room for only Khan in the world of professional wrestling.

As seen in the video below, Tony Schiavone guides Khan as they prepare for tonight’s Dynamite show on TNT, the go-to show for Sunday̵

7;s pay-per-view show Double Or Nothing.

“Thank you very much, Tony,” Khan said. “I really appreciate Mr. Schiavone and as we get ready to livestream tonight at Dynamite on TNT, I just wanted to say as ‘The Forbidden Door.’ I read in the Observer today that New Japan Pro. Wrestling has a discussion with WWE President Nick Khan Nick. I have to say that if you’ve been talking to New Japan Pro Wrestling for two months, it’s a great idea. Show that you’ve accomplished a lot.

“Over the past two weeks I’ve had Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita and Rocky Romero in the AEW. I’ve reunited Roppongi Vice. I have new US IWGP Champion Jon Moxley successfully defending our title on our list. Keep it and I have future plans for New Japan Pro Wrestling for US Title, so you really have to do a lot in two months, Nick, Nick and actually I think Nick is the only person in the wrestling business that is Nick And me, it’s Tony Khan, not a Connecticut scammer. Have fun tonight, Nick. See you at Dynamite.”

Apparently Nick didn’t reply to Tony at the time of writing this article. and likely won’t answer.

NJPW currently has a working relationship with AEW and Impact Wrestling. It is noted that WWE and NJPW are currently not formed. Therefore, the working relationship will continue until an agreement is reached. If there is an agreement

Stay tuned for more information. You can watch Tony’s full video below:

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