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Ah, Young Bucks will probably be leaving Twitter again.

With 2019 approaching, Young Bucks decided to take a break from Twitter’s poisoning.The decision was made after the corner of the main incident that was heavily criticized between the Dark Order and the Bucks. blastThis coupled with AEW that suffered a loss of first place to NXT.

Followed last night (7 Apr) episode of blastYoung Bucks indicated they may be leaving Twitter again.

The main event of the last night on blast Pay attention to the angle where conflicting Young Bucks turn their heels on, Jon Moxley, our reviewer at Cageside, is not a fan of The Elite drama, although I still don’t have a good feeling that big professional wrestling fans get this. How did Bucks’ tweet show that there was a lot of negative feedback?

But the tweet clearly seemed like a job to me. They just changed their heels and heels are now telling fans to stop poisoning and tweeting out what they mean. That’s what heels are supposed to do, isn’t it?

This might make it less effective next time Young Bucks need a break from the toxic social media platform. But to me right now, it looks like they are generating rumors of past conflicting situations and trying to blur Kayfabe’s lines and reality in the process.

What do you think?

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