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Air France flight makes emergency landing in Bulgaria as passenger disrupts


Erdogan should be concerned about Turkey’s past lessons.

One of the general rules of modern military coups is that victory will be placed upon whoever takes control of a state TV studio. But when the army tried to topple Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016, they forgot that the current leader had access to smartphones. Minutes after they announced on state TV news that his “dictatorship”

; government was over, Erdogan FaceTime was a presenter on rival channels, insisting he remained accountable and called on supporters of “dictatorial” government. He fights back So Erdogan’s loyal group set out on the streets to thwart the coup-promoters who fear his Islamic populism is undermining Turkey’s secular republic. However, in his subsequent violent response, he may have proved their point about his dictatorship: more than 50,000 people have been jailed for suspected social media coups. Then again, as Jeremy Seal points out in his new book, Erdogan has good reason to feel nervous.A Coup in Turkey tells the story of Adnan Menderes, the former elected Turkish leader who It was the target of an earlier military deployment in the 1960s – this ended with his execution. Like Erdogan, Menderes was a populist courting religious people. And likewise, it stirs up the wrath of generals in Turkey’s secular elite – who the SEALs say does not trust any politician who wants. Erdogan now cites Menderes as one of Turkey’s greatest political martyrs, although the name is hardly remembered in the West. Briefly in Britain, when his official plane crashed near Gatwick, killing those on board. He left with little scratches, convincing supporters of his religion that he was “in the care of Allah.” Seal opened his book with the fateful plane crash that showed. How the rise and fall of Mendares reflected in the Erdogan era. Then, for the time being, Turkey lived in the shadows of the founder of the modern Turkish founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who led the country to secularism after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the world war. First time Education is what compels women to gain votes and the role of Islam is imprisoned in politics. That was a breakthrough in Western thinking that when Turkish Arabic-style scripts were replaced by Latin, Turks had only four months to regulate the new letters before the old ones became illegal. Initially, Menderes and his new Democrats appeared to have a gentle influence on this aggressive modernization. After World War II, he supported the media and free democracy, ending a period of one-party rule by secular Republicans. He took pipes, roads and buses to rural Turkish voters, whom Republicans shunned as ignorant peasants. His followers, who won him three electoral victories between 1950 and 1960, praised him as the man. Meanwhile, the Menderes allowed mosques to flourish again, infuriating the laymen in the great cities, where all temples were “a breeding ground for the deceased and provincial inertia.” Turks, the unforgivable sin, are the religious reaction of the courts and condemning the country with ambiguity and superstition. ”

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