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Alabama COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Fall, Health Leaders Worry

Covid-19 vaccination rate In Alabama it has dropped to a level not seen since the first day of the immunization campaign. Although less than 30% of the state’s population is vaccinated.

Statistics from the Alabama Department of Public Health revealed Friday that the number of people shot in the past few days was similar to the rate in January. which the vaccine is still limited

Authorities were concerned that many people refused to accept the ammunition. This means that the threat of the new coronavirus will remain higher than necessary.


7;s very distressing because we have a vaccine and we have it in every corner of Alabama,” said Dr Karen Landers, assistant state health official.

Many vaccination sites were closed due to insufficient demand. And some areas have considered refusing vaccine deliveries. in the city of Opelika Eastern Alabama Medical Center said: “Very low demand” and large vaccine supply means community clinics will close after giving patients a second round of injections on June 14.

with approximately 28% of the population fully vaccinated. Alabama’s vaccination rates are only better than in neighboring Mississippi. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimate that 11,140 people have died from the new coronavirus. This makes the state’s overall mortality rate from COVID-19. is the eighth worst in the country.

in the last two weeks The average number of new cases in Alabama fell by 134, a drop of about 33%, but the state’s rate of 210 new cases per 100,000 over the past two weeks was the country’s second worst.

The state has ended the mask-wearing regulations. And many businesses are back near normal. But it was not immediately clear whether those changes led to the rate of new infections.

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