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Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Dodgers robbed, Homer walks away. Giants win in 10

LOS ANGELES – Albert Pujols lingered near the batter box after connecting, several LA players jumping off the rails and the huge crowd at Dodger Stadium raised their hands, all ready to celebrate.

Mike Tauchman had another idea.

Tauchman stunningly reached the left wall to rob Pujols of a home run late in the ninth inning and San Francisco stormed in on the 10th to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in a thriller 8-5. on friday night

The Dodgers curled Austin Barnes to attack when he hit a three-run homer with two outs of the ninth to make it 5-all. Pujols stayed on, and the newly-signed slugger made a long drive debut. and high

“I mean just take a bat. I think he obviously hits well,” Tauchman said.

Tochman angled back to the fence. Jump and grab a thrilling backhand. He fell against the background from hitting the wall. Raise your arms to show the ball and stagger a bit on your way back to the dugout.

“You really can̵

7;t tell. But I think every time you go back or after whatever You have to do your best at first to keep yourself from drifting. I got to the point to time my jumps,” Tauchman said. “Sometimes the ball goes in and sometimes it doesn’t. I happened to play with the boys.”

The Giants acquired Tauchman in late April in exchange for the New York Yankees, who favored his defensive abilities. But there was no room for him in the crowded field.

Gabe Kapler, Giants manager call this chapter “A great Major League, very difficult, chasing walls that are not easy to expand. He’s clearly a keeper and one of the better games we’ve seen all season.”

As Tochman discusses where fishing ranks in his career, He said the top two – but probably number one.

“I robbed another Homer in Baltimore. I got up pretty well,” Tauchman said. “It’s probably the funniest play you can do. You can practice over a chain link fence in the backyard. Chances are very few and far. So it’s cool.”

The Pujols had 668 home runs throughout their lives and drew with Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and three Hall of Famers, with 12 career-walking homers behind Jim Thome’s record 13.

“Albert hit a homer, and suddenly the man jumped up and caught it,” said Dodgers pitcher Walker Buhler. “It’s a difficult game for us. but at the end We still feel good about what we have at this club.”

LaMonte Wade Jr. hit a single forward in the 10th Giants from Kenley Jansen (0-2). Evan Longoria added two.

Tyler Rogers (1-0) won despite surrendering to Barnes’ homer, Jarlin Garcia made his first save since he was a Marlins alchemist in 2011.

The Giants led three times and the Dodgers tied three times. In the end, the Giants ended up with their first win over rivals NL West on five occasions this season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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