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Alex Rodriguez reportedly tried to rebound with Madison LeCroy amid Jennifer Lopez meltdown


Chad Daybell smiled and appeared to laugh during his first court appearance after being charged with murder.

Chad Daybell smiled and laughed during his first court appearance on Wednesday after being charged with murdering his first wife Tammy and two children of Lori Vallow, Daybell, who wore a white shirt and red tie. Appeared at the hearing with his attorney, John Pryor, when asked by Judge Faren Eddins if he had heard the trial. He smiled and appeared to laugh before telling the judge yes, according to The New York Post. The protracted charges against him—including three first-degree murders, two counts of conspiracy to murder and theft. big time with deception And one count of the murder conspiracy—were read aloud before Eddins said Daybell would be held without bail. Daybell spoke only briefly whenever he was asked a question by the judge and remained silent during the brief trial. Vallow also briefly appeared in court over Zoom wearing a blue mask and long sleeve shirt. blue But her trial was postponed due to what her lawyer called “a slaughterhouse.”

; In an “emergency situation,” Eddins agreed to postpone the trial. “According to the information I gave,” but did not go into detail as to why it was delayed, according to USA Today if convicted. Both could face prison life or the death penalty. Prosecutors announced Tuesday that the couple are facing first-degree murder charges and conspiracy to commit murder and mass robbery by defrauding Vallow’s children Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16, according to the statement. Joint press release From Fremont District Attorney Lindsey Blake and Madison District Attorney Rob Wood, the bodies of children who went missing weeks in September 2019 were discovered last year. Buried on Daybell’s property in Idaho, Daybell was also charged with murder in the death of his first wife, Tammy Daybell. who died of suspicious circumstances in October 2019 in addition to 2 counts of insurance fraud related to her death. According to the indictment in the lawsuit obtained by Oxygen.com, prosecutors believe the pair used Their “religious beliefs” were meant to promote or prove murder. Daybell was a religious writer who often wrote about the end of the day. After the new allegations were announced Tammy’s family released a statement to East Idaho News saying they hope In this case, “we would like to thank the tireless efforts of law enforcement, the FBI, and everyone else who continues to search for answers during the investigations surrounding Tylie, JJ and Tam. There,” they wrote, “we appreciate our pursuit of justice. And in the end, some degree of peace for the rest of us is because of our loss.” The family also asked for privacy, especially Tammy’s children and grandchildren. Calm, normalcy and remembrance of their mother/grandmother,” they said. “Nobody knows how to handle this perfectly. We ask that we all be given a space to continue to honor and mourn our loved ones as best we can,” Laurie’s oldest son Colby Ryan posted on Facebook today. Tuesday He posted a picture of his deceased siblings, JJ and Tylee, smiling on the beach with his stepfather Charles Wallow. Charles was shot and killed in Arizona by Laurie’s brother Alex Cox in July 2019, which Cox claimed was in self-defense at the time. The case remains open and no lawsuits have been filed. Cox, who is also named in the murder indictment. Died in December 2019, “You’ll all be fair!” Colby wrote.

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