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Alex Wood signs for the Giants

The Giants were helped by seasoned left-handed startups to balance their turnover on Thursday, signing Alex Wood on a $ 3 million one-year deal that includes bonuses. An additional $ 3 million, former Dodgers pitcher Wood will reunite with former president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi.

The Giants were given a veteran left-handed starter to rebalance the turnover on Thursday. Alex Wood It’s a one-year, $ 3 million deal that includes an additional $ 3 million contribution bonus.

Former Dodgers pitcher Wood will reunite with President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi, who served as general manager of the Los Angeles All Stars in 201

7.Wood enters the 3.45 ERA rather than 188 appearances (138 starts) in eight major league seasons with the Braves, Dodgers and the Reds.

Wood, 30, dealt with a shoulder issue last year and was primarily relieved for the Dodgers by posting a 6.39 ERA in 12 2/3 innings in the regular season.He ended the shortened 2020 season with a record high by throwing in opportunities. A perfect two times against Rays in Game 6 of the World Series 2020 to help the Dodgers win their first title in 32 years.

“I have seen him at his best,” Zaidi said during a Zoom call with reporters. “When he is healthy to be out there every fifth day, he can be a very important and valuable part of the turnaround. What is encouraging about Alex last year, even though he has had a few health issues. But he ended the season really strongly. He has made an unbelievably good run in the playoffs, including in the World Series.

“For me, watching him on the pitch like that in the playoffs is reminiscent of when I saw him at the very best … We are so optimistic that he can bring that into 2021 and be a part. It’s very important in our circulation for the next year. “

Wood is ready to join right-handers Johnny Cueto, Kevin Gausman, Anthony DeSclafani and Logan Webb in the Giants’ rotation in 2021. Tyler Beede is also expected to enter the competition when he is recovering from Tommy surgery. John finished, likely around May.

The Giants wanted to add more lefty options after losing to Drew Smyly, Tyler Anderson and Andrew Suárez this winter, making Wood a fit for Zaidi, who was the first to earn a southern title as part of trader trades. 13 players were played between the three Dodgers, Braves and Marlins teams in 2015.

“I’m glad this acquisition was a little easier, a one-year Major League contract,” Zaidi said, with a chuckle. “The deal we did with Braves to get him in LA has a lot of moving parts, so that’s it. Thus making transactions more straightforward. “

Zaidi goes on to say that Wood’s “cowardice, deceit and competitiveness” are key traits that have made him another attractive target this year.

“He was most effective when he kept the ball,” Zaidi said. “That’s the slight opposite of an ongoing game, with a focus on swings and misses in the zone with an elevated fast ball. He has unusual deliveries, deceptive deliveries, and a pitching style that has become slightly more common. I think those things really work for him. ”

Wood will receive bonuses for games in which he has recorded 10 or more games, including $ 125,000 for 12 and 14, $ 250,000 for 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 games and $ 500,000 for 26, 28 and 30 games. As mentioned, Zaidi said the contract structure was meant to provide protection for Wood in the event he used it as a bulk pitcher behind the open.

The Giants now have 40 players on their roster with 40.

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