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Ali Alexander cited Representatives Biggs, Brooks, Gosar to help plan a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally at the Capitol.

“Four of us plan to put pressure on the Supreme Congress while they are voting,” Alexander said in a deleted video in Periscope highlighted by an investigative nonprofit government’s governance program. The plan, he said, is to “change the hearts and minds of the Republicans within that body to hear our roar from the outside.”

After an uprising within City Hall killed five and Alexander and his group were banned from Twitter this week, the three GOP lawmakers are in the process of increasing scrutiny about For their role in helping right-wing activists

In a statement to The Washington Post, a Biggs spokesman said the members of Congress had never contacted Alexander or other protesters and denied he had helped organize. Assembly date 6 Jan

“Congressman Biggs was unaware of hearing or meeting Mr. Alexander at any time, let alone working with him to organize some of the planned protests,”

; the statement said.

Neither Brooks nor Gosar responded to requests for comment from The Washington Post, but in a protracted and challenging statement on Wednesday, Alabama lawmakers insisted he was not responsible for the riots. Brooks added that he would not promote any action that could undermine GOP’s efforts to block the endorsement of President Joe Biden’s college victory.

“I am deeply guilty of anyone suggesting that I am so inexperienced in politics that I want a torpedo, my honest and accurate electoral system that I have spent months fighting,” Brooks wrote.

Videos and posts on social media suggest links between the three Republicans and right-wing activists.

A criminal Alexander was identified in media reports as saying Ali Akbar had benefited from a televised live stream alone in which he admitted he had conservative views and supported Trump. Speaking to Politico magazine in 2018, he called himself the “interpreter of energy of the moment.”

After Trump’s defeat in November, the Daily Beast noted Alexander positioned himself as the leader behind the move to support the president’s challenge to election results.He was hit by Gosar. Write the message “A true patriot” on Twitter and on December 19, the two were in talks. “Stop the Steal” rally in Phoenix

“We will not go quietly, we will shut down this country if we have to,” Alexander told the crowd, then leading them in chant “1776”.

Later at the event, Alexander played a video message from Biggs calling him “friend” and “hero”. In the recording, Biggs said he hoped to attend and vowed to challenge. President Joe Biden’s election victory endorsement.

“On January 6, I will be there in the well of the house with my friend from Alabama representative Mo Brooks,” Biggs said in an audio recording of a tweet from Alexander, as well as a message from Biggs retweeted by Trump on the day. December 26

A Biggs spokesperson told CNN that members of Congress had recorded a video on request from Gosar officials.

In late December, Alexander said he was planning a protest outside the city hall on Jan. 6.His event appeared to be at least four competing rallies for licenses that day. But the far-right online forum says Trump supporters are preparing for more than just a rally – and Alexander appears to suggest protesters do more than just signal a wave.

If Democrats get opposition from Republicans in Congress, “anyone can guess what I and 500,000 others will do with that building,” he wrote on Twitter in December, according to reports. Of Daily Beast “1776 is always * optional *”

At the rally the night before the vote, Alexander led the crowd in chanting “Victory or death!” The next morning, Gosar tagged the activist in several tweets.

Alexander recounted the riots in a video about Periscope over the past weekend, hoping that people would never enter the US government or even step in. He also argued that the rioters were not required to break the law, although federal prosecutors are now charged with dozens of people.

In an email to The Post, Alexander said he “stayed at peace” during the rebellion and claimed that his earlier speech “spoke of peace” and was misrepresented.

“Conflicts of lawful and peaceful incidents involving violations of the US Capitol is blasphemous and false,” he said. “People were misleading, and those same people started using it. Violence against me and my team “

At about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday – about two hours after rioters breached City Hall, Alexander posted a video of himself overlooking the crowds outside the building, claiming that the majority of protesters were peaceful and Praise those who do not go in

But he said in the video, “I don’t deny that. I do not denounce this. “

Kim Bellware contributed to this report.

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