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Ali Alexander said three GOP members helped him plan a rally in DC.

  • Organizers behind the rally before the City Hall blockade said three GOP council members, Representatives Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar, helped him plan the event last week.
  • Biggs and Brooks denied assisting Ali Alexander and a Gosar spokesman declined a request for comment.
  • “The four of us plan to put pressure on the highest parliament while they’re voting,” Alexander said.
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Ali Alexander, the organizer behind the “Stop the Steal” movement, said three Republican congressmen helped him plan a January 6 rally, ahead of the armed riots at City Hall that killed people. 5 people

Alexander said Rep. Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks and Paul Kosar helped him plan the incident when Congress was ready to endorse the election of President Joe Biden. Post Report

“Four of us plan to put pressure on the highest parliament while they̵

7;re voting,” Alexander said in a Periscope video that has since been deleted.

He added in The Post that the plan was to “change the hearts and minds of the Republicans within that body to be heard from outside.”

A Gosar spokeswoman told Business Insider: “Members of Congress have no comment at this time.”

Daniel Stefanski, spokesperson for Andy Biggs, told Insider that Alexander’s claims were “absolutely false”.

“At what time Congressman Biggs was unaware of hearing or meeting Mr. Alexander – let alone work with him to organize some of the planned protests on January 6, he has not been in contact with. Protester or rioter and he has never Support or promote a rally or protest on Jan. 6, “Stefanski said.

An insider could not be reached for Brooks for comment at the time of publication. But in an official statement from his office said he did not know the blockade of the City Hall would take place after he spoke at an earlier rally.

“Also, I spoke very quickly at the political rally, there was music, there was more music in my speech, then a number of speakers, and then a few hours after President Trump started talking,” Brooks. Said.

“I ask this question, if my words are as inspirational as those of the Socialist Democrats and their allies, the fake news media want the public to believe, why the Trump rally attendees?” Therefore did not get up and broke into the government agency immediately, “said the order.

On Jan. 6, Trump supporters violated U.S. government agencies and clashed with law enforcement to halt a joint congressional meeting as lawmakers debated the challenge of voting before endorsing it. Biden’s election killed five people, including a state police officer and a woman shot by law enforcement.

A week later, the House of Representatives sued President Donald Trump on charges He “incited riots” for his role in the armed revolt.

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Trump previously accused of false and unfounded voter fraud and falsely insisted that Vice President Mike Pence, overseeing the endorsement process at a joint congressional meeting, could “decode” it. Vote and give him a second term

Other Republicans, including Biggs, Brooks and Gosar, were also being scrutinized about their language in making Trump’s false narratives.

The Daily Beast reported that criminal Alexander, popular for supporting and supporting Trump’s voter fraud claims, was banned from Twitter multiple times last month, suggesting they might. Use violence on January 6 if the vote is Certification

“We’re going to convince them not to endorse the January 6 vote by marching hundreds, if not millions, of patriots to sit their butts in DC and shut that city down, right?” Der said during a rally in Arizona. “And if we have to explore options after that … ‘not yet’ yet!”

Alexander attended the rally the night before the endorsement vote and led the way in saying that “Victory or death!

Gosar tagged Alexander in several Twitter posts the next morning urging Biden to accept the election. (Which he won with 7 million votes)

Gosar and Alexander both spoke at an event on December 19, The Post reported. After the incident, Gosar called Alexander a There was also a video message from Biggs played at the same event, where he said he and Brooks would challenge the endorsement on January 6.

Alexander called Biggs a “friend” and “Hero”. Biggs told CNN that he only appeared in the video after receiving a request from Gosar officials.

Alexander told The Post that he remained at peace during his work and his speech mentioning peace. But being perverted

However, in the video he posted after the blockade, he said: “I don’t deny it, I am not denying it.”

Azmi Haroun contributed to this report.

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