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All-Star James Harden Says Houston Rockets ‘Not Good Enough’

Grumpy superstar James Harden said the Houston Rockets were “not good enough” after the team lost to the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time in a row. Tuesday night, adding that he did not believe the team could develop enough to be a competitor.

“I love the city, I’ve done whatever I can,” said Harden after the rocket’s 117-100 loss. “I mean, the situation is crazy, it’s something I think I can’t fix.

The closest Harden has gone public with commercial demand that sources say he made during the offseason.

Houston had trade talks with several teams. But keep on staying patient until it gets the asking price for Harden, a source told ESPN.

The Rockets (3-6) have lost four of the five games since Harden, who left training camp, came back from a sprained right ankle that led him to miss one game.He scored 20 or less in each of the four games passed. It’s been the longest since 2011-12, his final season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to ESPN’s research, statistics and data.

This loss was not competitive, especially as the rockets hit 35-14 at the end of the first quarter.

“We weren’t very close to that team – obviously defending the championship – and all the other great teams out there,” Harden said. “I mean, you can tell the difference in the last two games. have

“We weren’t good enough – chemistry, talent, everything and it’s clear these last two games.

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