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All the big privacy news from WWDC ’21.

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It wouldn’t be Apple’s job without a nod to the company. A stand that supports privacy. It’s part of the annual event. Global Developer Conference (WWDC) Keynote This year, the company has made some announcements. Major privacy upgrades to accompany iOS 15 and iCloud—here are some of the biggest.

More personal inboxes

The first is Mail Privacy Protection, a new tab in Apple’s Mail app that, as its name suggests: lets users decide what data programs share. under this new tab Users can choose to hide their IP address and location details from email senders. not like last Update iOS 14 That prevents the app from misrepresenting details such as the phone’s exact location and mobile advertising ID. As an added benefit, Apple says setting up a new inbox will prevent people. trace Whether you open the email they send you and when you open it.

in the same way The company also launched Hide My Email, a new service that integrates with Mail, Safari and iCloud that lets users create unique, random email addresses that are forwarded to their personal inbox. There is no limit to the number of random emails a person can make at any given time. And they can delete these emails whenever they want, Apple says, of course, which would be helpful for those who want to keep their inboxes safe. lots of spam that comes with a subscription to some offers

Shame iOS app list

In addition to updating the inbox The company also announced A new “App Privacy Report” will show you more detailed information about how non-Apple apps track your activity across devices. Safari Privacy ReportThese break down which apps on your device access what kind of data. and how much such information is sent to specific third-party trackers. in that report Users will get an overview of how the app is. How often have you accessed your microphone, camera, or precise location in the past week? Think of this as a quick list to shame your phone’s worst privacy offenders.

Illustration for an article titled Apple's Biggest Privacy Flexes of WWDC 2021.

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Take Siri Offline

Finally, iPhone users will be able to use Siri on their devices without an internet connection. Apple has announced that it will introduce speech recognition on its devices. This means that Siri (usually) can understand what you say. whether you are online or not that means If you’re the type of person who uses Siri to set alarms or play music You can do it without an internet connection. Apple does this by processing all voice commands on your device. instead of operating on certain servers. This means that strangers will not be able to do it. listen to what you say.

iCloud is locked

Apple has introduced a number of new privacy features to iCloud. First, the company has announced Private Relay, a new VPN service built into iCloud that will let users surf the web on Safari completely encrypt their traffic, Apple said. This setting ensures that “No one between the user and the website they are visiting can access and read” any data transmitted through Private Relay, not even Apple or the user’s carrier. This service works by routing any network traffic. Through two separate relays—one assigns an anonymous IP address to the user. and the second one that is forwarded to the destination Separating data like this, Apple says, prevents a single entity from being able to find out the credentials of users and sites they visit.

Moreover, iCloud now has built-in support for home kit to reduce your cloud storage burden. according to apple Users will be able to connect to “More cameras than ever” via the Home app without counting home security footage in capacity, as always, HomeKit Secure Video. guarantee that any images picked up by any person’s security camera will be analyzed and encrypted by their Apple device before being stored in their iCloud account.

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