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Almost half of COVID-19 patients experience reduced workload after hospital stay.

The COVID-19 survivor study found that up to 45% of those hospitalized for the virus experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms after being released. The researchers said the findings highlight the need for rehabilitation of the patient population after their release.

The study, conducted by Michigan Medicine and published in the journal PM&R, included data from charts of 300 adult patients hospitalized for COVID-19 between March and April of 2020.

The researchers found that in the cohort, 80% of the patients experienced a reduction in work experience, who were referred for additional therapy after discharge, while nearly 20% of all patients lost so much capacity that they were unable to use it. Life can be longer freely when it is released.

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“These patients may need to be moved to a subacute location or they may need to be moved with family members. But I can’t go home, ”Alecia K. Daunter, MD, pediatrician at Michigan Medicine, said in a press release. “This has a huge impact on patients and their families, both emotionally and physically.”

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However, the researchers said the figure was likely to be less reported because early in the outbreak many hospitals moved to reduce patient exposure, so up to 40% of the patients in the study were not. Have previously received a rehabilitation assessment

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“The big changes in the work we have focused on are important. But significant reductions in physical function and cognition are likely to be seen in almost all previously hospitalized COVID patients, ”says Anna Kratz, Ph.D., clinical psychologist at Michigan Medicine and author of the study. The newspaper’s senior writer said in a press release. “And we know from decades of rehabilitation work that even small changes in work can worsen people’s lifestyles. Ability to identify and treat people in the whole range of function decline spectrum.

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