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Almost half of those infected with the novel coronavirus come from these five states.

Nearly half of the country’s new COVID-19 cases were concentrated in five states, including New York, with the highest number of new cases nationwide last week.

New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey accounted for 44% of all new cases between March 29 and April 4, with approximately 197,500 cases of approximately 452,000 cases nationwide, data from John’s University. Hopkins

New York, which had 52,922 cases last week, or an average of 7,560 per day, accounting for about 12 percent of the nation’s total patients.

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Behind Empire State is Michigan, which has been battling new infections and recorded 47,036 new positives over the past week, or an average of 6,71

9 per day – almost twice that of two weeks ago.

Combined, New York and Michigan accounted for 22 percent of new cases nationwide last week.

Florida has 37,927 new infections, while Pennsylvania and New Jersey have found approximately 29,847 and 29,753 new cases, respectively.

The concentration of the new case prompted elected experts and officials to urge the Biden administration to deliver additional vaccines to the hotspots, although the White House did not specify they planned to change the policy.


Dr. Elvin H. Geng, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Washington, said that while sending additional volumes to a hotspot sounds reasonable. But it could mean a better functioning state in virus control is getting smaller amounts. Elvin H. Geng, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Washington.

“You wouldn’t want those people to wait because they did better,” explains Geng.

“On the other hand, the vaccine is delivered only to the point of increasing number of patients.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio has repeatedly called for additional vaccines from the federal government, saying on Tuesday. “We still need supply, supply, supply”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she asked the White House last week if it was considering delivering a special vaccine to a state like hers and was told if all the options were on the table.

She said she did not plan to tighten restrictions to tackle the incident, and instead blamed it for the fatigue from the pandemic and the spread of the more contagious virus.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he was in constant talks with the White House over a need for the inhaler. But pausing for short he was asking for more doses to deal with the high infection rates. He noted that vaccine shipments to Garden State rose 12 percent last week. But he still asked if it was enough.

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“We were watching all the time, OK, we knew we were going up,” Murphy said.

“But are we going to go up at the supposed rate or not, especially considering the number of cases we have?”

This article originally appeared on NYPost.com.

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