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Aloy is trending as fans talk about Horizon Forbidden West Hero.

Well, let’s face it, Horizon Forbidden West’s hero Aloy gained popularity on Twitter today after a number of posts highlighting the protagonist’s face change. One of these messages offered a new look for the Machine Killer. claiming that the character looks It’s no wonder this opinion has been widely criticized. As many have pointed out, the star may not have time to dress up her during her fight against Robo-Dino in the apocalyptic coffin.

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Although there is a clear gender connotation. But it̵

7;s worth remembering that the gaming community is not very fond of changing the character’s face. while it was a more shaky overhaul. Peter Parker’s makeover in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales attracts huge Backlash last year, as Sucker Punch was forced to cancel a complete makeover for Cole McGrath when it offered a younger tribal tattoo alternative in inFAMOUS 2.

That said, Aloy looked. very Similar to her Horizon Zero Dawn alter ego for us – after all. The sequel is set just six months after the original. The character model has been significantly improved – you can see a thin layer of hair around her cheeks during the cutscenes. Which is just obscene attention to detail – but seems like a natural evolution of her appearance since the very first game.

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