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Alphabet’s moonshot lab is working on a device to make people hear superhuman voices.

Alphabet has been working on forest projects over the years, such as plant excavators and fish-tracking cameras. But now its lab X is working on devices that can provide superhuman hearing, such as Insider First reported, the project, codenamed “Wolverine,” is exploring the future of sensored hardware hearing. The team that is the member who spoke to Insider Anonymously, assuming they’re trying to figure out how to isolate people’s voices in a crowded room or make it easier to focus on one person when conversations overlap around you.

They have been repeated on the device several times, including those that cover both the ears and others that protrude from above the ear. These iterations were huge because the team included a large number of microphones in the build. But newer versions are smaller in size Insider Says. Several people from hearing technology companies have joined the team, including talent from Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo.

Insider It said the Wolverine team̵

7;s goals were closest to Whisper, the company that came from last year’s stealth. The team managed to extract the sound using a “sound separator” that was adapted to the wearer environment. This suggests that the goal of the laboratory is not just to create the equipment everyone needs. But it is an advanced hearing aid

Alphabet’s team is not focused on a single device or a single use case. Insider Say it. The team wants to build a successful business with different devices and models, so if that is successful, you may start wearing Google-owned hearing aids.

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