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Amazon Challenges Hundreds of Ballot Cards to Drive Alabama’s Unions | Amazon

Amazon has challenged hundreds of voters to vote to form a union at a warehouse in Alabama in pushing for integration into one of the most important labor battles in recent American history.

The National Labor Relations Committee on Thursday began opening ticket boxes and began ranking voting in Bessemer, Alabama elections.

There are 3,215 votes in the election among more than 5,800 eligible employees.The election will decide whether the Bessemer workers will form the first union at Amazon̵

7;s US warehouse.

According to the retail, wholesale and department store unions, hundreds of ballot cards were challenged, many of which came from Amazon.

“There are still hundreds of challenged ballots, with most employers that will have to be revised after the public count. When the ballot envelope is opened and the ballot is counted, there is a possibility that other issues could affect the final outcome, ”RWDSU said.

The mobilization drive has sparked strong political interest, and left-wing politicians – and even some Republicans – have voiced support or visiting the state. The US labor movement sees it as a concurrent case for empowerment hopes, especially in an economy such as online retail, which plays an increasingly important role.

The ballot ballot can be challenging based on a number of factors, such as voter eligibility regarding job classification or date of employment.The NLRB may have a subsequent hearing on the validity of the ballot. The number of challenged ballots after an uncontested vote is counted if the number of challenged ballots could affect the election results.

The drive for union formation in Bessemer came as 51-year-old warehouse worker Darryl Richardson contacted RWDSU in June last year with an interest in starting a union at a warehouse. A former trade union member in his former job in the auto industry, Richardson’s excitement for starting the job months earlier has faded quickly after seeing his colleagues face a layoff of their production quotas. And saw how much wages lag behind him in the automotive industry.

Richardson and other workers received more than 3,000 trade union licenses, enough for the NLRB to determine that labor unions had sufficient support to conduct elections. The union initially offered a bargaining unit of 1,500 workers, which was later expanded to about 5,800 employees, according to Amazon’s orders.

Ballot papers for the union elections were sent to eligible workers on Feb. 8 and workers were received until March 29 to submit their completed ballots to the NLRB.

Depending on the voting results, other legal challenges or objections may delay the official result. Electoral vote-counting processes take as long as they are, due to the challenging voting process and the large, eligible bargaining units.

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