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Amazon Launches New Health Programs for Workers

The illustration for an article titled Amazon hopes to stimulate the power of positive affirmation to reduce workplace injuries.

Photograph: A. Sean Gallup / Staff (Getty Images)

Instead of permission Workers required Broken toilet, Have There is a reason Production quota or Form a unionAmazon is reportedly trying to increase morale and reduce Workplace Injury In the warehouse with the release of files A program for wellness and perfection that delves into ancient times. power of Breathing deeply and seeing the positive.

WorkingWell is the first program that has been dubbed iField Monday News release It’s part of the new Amazon. $ 300 million The initiative to beworldHome pageLace to wOrc. The outstanding focus of the program will beProviding employees with physical and mental activity, healthy exercise and the support of a healthy diet, which have been scientifically proven to help recharge and increase energy and reduce the risk of injury in most”

History of offerin of Amazong extremely excellent working conditions –Recorded at this point, the delivery driver recorded that Stop for any reason during a 14-hour shift. – including the use of the bathroom – in general Discouraged by the dispatcherIn 2019, a warehouse worker who suffered a fatal heart attack. Lay on the floor A full 20 minutes before Receive any treatment from Amazon’s internal safety operators. and Recent reports From the Center for Investigation Report revealed that At Amazon’s Facility, automation, workers Have a 50 percent higher injury rate when Against the workers who The other warehouses were partially expected to have workers. To scan 400 products per hour – four times the expectations of competing facilities..

While internal organizing efforts to claim better working conditions have been destroyed by Amazon, the company is now happily offering benefits such as the AmaZen station, a kiosk where employees can “watch short videos. With activities for well-being that are easy to follow, including positive meditation. Confirmation of a calming scene with sound, etc. ”with separate efforts.The new program will be labeled in-house on-site “… exhibits to highlight healthier options such as fruit, granola bars and vegetable snacks” and define health zones where employees can participate. in”Stretching and voluntary muscle recovery “

It was not immediately clear whether WorkingWell will Including a reusable water bottle (Efficient and green!) In order to relieve employees of anxiety after being forced to skip going to the bathroom while the clock

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