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Amazon, MGM, Antitrust, and Streaming Pricing

Collage of MGM features, from left to right: Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, the animated Addams Family, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Candyman, Daniel Craig's James Bond and Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed.

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if everything goes Amazon and Metro-Goldwyn-MayerThe web service giant’s plans are coming soon. inherit the movie studio In an $8.45 billion deal that will add thousands of movies and TV shows to the technology company’s content portfolio that will be streamed to 200 million Prime members. Amazon’s move is part of the company’s efforts to give customers more options for what to watch. And many of them are fine. But gobbling up one of the oldest movie studios in Hollywood is worth considering from several angles.

The proposed merger by Amazon and MGM is just one of several events the US Department of Justice is likely to keep antitrust experts closely watching. But the reason why many people think of it is because of the sheer size of Amazon’s reach across multiple industries, even though Amazon isn’t a new game for content creation. But the company is likely to argue that buying a traditional movie studio shouldn’t involve regulation.rs because technically Amazon is not the name. to beat when it comes to streaming or movie production and Episodic series.

Amazon’s latest move—like $250 million spent for the right to lord of the rings Franchise and Sinking $465 million In the first season of the prequel series—it made it easier to see the company simply follow suit. Examples of other streamers are Netflix who produce original content as well as receive completed projects if the MGM deal is cleared. the adams family, James Bond and panther pan There will be ownership of the new company, but while Amazon looks, operates, and creates content like a traditional entertainment company, it’s not. It’s much more than that. Unlike traditional streaming buddies and movie studios that have been released recently. The e-commerce giant’s foray into original programming is a way of enticing more customers to buy Amazon Prime memberships, which includes other services such as cheaper and faster shipping on the many products you can buy. in a bigger market

The idea that a company that regulates a large number of online commerce web services that other systems like Twitter and Slack use, and what you should know (but relatively small considerationThe entertainment space group warned many regulators over the possibility of a monopoly on developments. Companies like Amazon are always quick to insist that they are. Take steps to prevent this from happening, but Amazon’s growth and expansion-oriented operations such as the acquisition of MGM—it It’s the second largest to date after its 2017 purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion—and Reportedly, Amazon is still trying to buy Sony buy. Don’t send the same message saying

An exterior view shows the Amazon fulfillment center on March 31, 2021 in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

An exterior view shows the Amazon fulfillment center on March 31, 2021 in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
photo: A. Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

From MGM’s perspective, this deal should be a useful consideration. When did the studio open for sale?But with Amazon’s involvement now, it’s pretty difficult to separate the upcoming project from some of the ugly realities about the company it now owns. It is strange to think that the James movie The bond of the future may be brought to you by the same company that is doing their best to ensure that the delivery man is not forced. Bottled urine to meet the quota.The hostile, inappropriate workplace existed in Hollywood long before Amazon threw its hat into the arena, but Amazon’s. Documents came well history of union breakingand recently Charged with assaulting an employee’s life Now, it’s at least relative to MGM’s existence as a brand.

some of thesealong with the claims of claims Structural racism within the company and concerns about violation of privacy, used to be Topics of discussion between Amazon’s shareholder meeting this week, where outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping into the role of executive chairman. explained about The “acquisition thesis” behind the MGM acquisition “MGM has a vast and profound catalog of beloved intellectual property,” Bezos said, “and with the talent at Amazon and the talent at MGM Studio, we were able to re-imagine it. and develop that IP for the 21st century.”

Although much of the coverage of the pending acquisition has focused on what would become MGM’s major movie franchise, the deal also has many Capitol Hill backers worried about. With Amazon’s latest move to strengthen itself as a fundamental part of the internet. Infrastructure and continual existence work hard for customers to consume.

Shortly after news of the first acquisition surfaced, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN.), who heads the Senate Judiciary’s subcommittee on antitrust. make a statement expressed a desire to more closely supervise this type of large-scale mergers and acquisitions. “This is a reminder of why we need to fund antitrust agencies so they can investigate multi-billion dollar deals,” Klobuchar said. playing by the rules If enforcement agencies are chronically inadequate.” On the other side of the corridor, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO)—who was previously best known as an enemy of Big Tech. discredit his by challenging President Joe’s victory Biden as MAGA rioters break into the capital building—no Only objected to Amazon’s acquisition of MGM. He Tweet On Wednesday, Amazon “should not allow any other purchase term” in the House of Representatives Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO)—who disputed the results of the 2020 electionand Vote against $8.3 billion emergency funding package to fight COVID-19 Last March—share similar concerns and called for an inspection. “mergers and acquisitions involving monopoly companies that are growing exponentially and exponentially”

Political figures such as Klobucher and Buck’s response to news of the acquisition are consistent with their past stance on the need for tighter regulations. But it still has to see that Biden’s management, which still exists. The Assistant Attorney General was not appointed. To lead the Justice Department investigation into antitrust—will retaliate. Although the White House has sent in several potential candidates for the role. But the process has been stalled by opposition from White House ethics officials who worry that the nominee’s past both defended and criticized tech giants like Google, making them ineligible for the job.

also appearing above the acquisition is An antitrust lawsuit filed earlier this week. By Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine on the sentence. Racine’s lawsuit argues that Amazon’s tactics have the ultimate effect: Inflated prices on the internet as a whole At the same time, other markets difficult to compete Although the lawsuit is still ongoing. It is important to note that the specific language of Amazon’s most popular country sentence was introduced in direct response to an earlier investigation into The company’s “price parity requirements” led to similar concerns from European authorities. It could force the company to halt the practice in 2013. Through 2019, Amazon has scrapped price parity requirements here in the US, but the way the company quickly introduced its most popular clause shows that it’s a lot. Very determined to follow up with such practices or practices in the future.

Amazon’s seemingly relentless pursuit of policies that plague independent retailers with every bit they satisfy consumers doesn’t make it easy to imagine intending to play fair in the war. Streaming But while these giants continue to collect intellectual property and build enormous walled gardens, The audience did not fully intend to leave. It is up to those audiences to exercise their free will and think critically about the broader structure that owns the entertainment they consume.

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