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Amazon said the harsh post shut down Parler.

In a court filing late on Tuesday, Amazon said it had booted up right-wing social network Parler from AWS cloud service after flagging dozens of violent content starting in November.

Why is that important?: Parler sued Amazon, saying the eviction violated antitrust laws in response to Amazon citing violent content, including protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act amid the defense.

Detail: Amazon said it sent its first letter on Nov. 17 with two snippets of violent content and asked the company if the content violated Parler’s rules and what it was doing to moderate it.

  • Over the next seven weeks, Amazon said it flagged more than 1
    00 pieces of content to Parler’s chief policy officer, including threats addressed specifically to members of Congress.

Big pictureParler has met with nearly all of its tech partners, including Twilio and Amazon, as well as Apple and Google, both of whom removed the Parler app from their app stores.

What they say: In the lawsuit, Parler argued that Amazon conspired with Twitter to kneel on the service as well as gaining traction.

  • Amazon replied that the action was not related to. “Suppressing speech or suppressing views” or “conspiracy to stifle trade”

But Amazon said in the filing that “The case is about the reluctance that Parler demonstrates the reluctance and inability to remove from Amazon Web Services content servers that threaten public safety, for example by inciting and plotting rape, torture and assassination of individuals who are not involved in this matter.” Have a name Officials and private citizens “

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