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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV show may focus on Sauron’s rise to power.

Much of Amazon Studios’ upcoming Lord of the Rings series is kept secret. We know it was made in Middle Earth’s second generation, but still having a history of wearing over three millennia, it doesn’t narrow things down that much.

But the official synopsis of the show, given by The One Ring.net, seemed to suggest that the show almost inevitably capped the Fall of Noumenor, a situation in the wrath of God. Leading to the foundations of Gondor, and finally The movie’s audience of the Great Battle will remember from the first scene of Friendship of the ring.


7;s a synopsis:

This epic drama takes place thousands of years before JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings events and takes viewers back to an era when great powers are forged, empires will flourish and collapse. Through the test, hope is hung by the best thread and the greatest villain that ever flows from Tolkien’s nib, threatening to cover the entire world in darkness. The series begins at a time of peace.The series follows a group of familiar and new characters as they confront an evil that takes place again in Middle-Earth from the depths. From the darkest of the Misty Mountains, to the great forests in the capital of Elf Lindon, to the stunning Numenor Island Kingdom, to the furthest point of the kingdom map, and these characters carve a legacy. That still exist They have gone.

The only “greatest villain” in the second generation. It’s Sauron, just like in Lord of the Rings Appropriate, but not as you remember him from the movie. In the second season, Sauron still had the ability to show off his figure, and he chose to take off the extreme heat and charm. Far from a 10-foot-tall armor swinging scepter from Peter Jackson’s first scene. Friendship of the ring.

“The long horrible rebirth of the middle-earth evil” could only mean Sauron. But if the series’ creators are following a clear beat, there are two options. The first realization of the powerful Dark Lord in the second generation was to act as the merciful ambassador of the gods and seduce the elf to teach him ringcraft so that he could forge the Ring of Power. They finally realized he was, you know, was actually the last really powerful servant of the Dark Lord, and they fired him – that’s when he retreated to Mordor, building the black door. And start being Evil on Main

The Elves team up with the most powerful human kingdom, kicking his butt and taking him back to Noumenor as a prisoner. Which brings us to a second possibility for the rebirth of a long horrified evil.

There are many kingdoms that “Prosperity and Fall” in the second period, but there is only one kingdom that set Era. That is Noumenor. The “remarkable kingdom of the island”, referred to later in the conclusion of Aragorn’s very old ancestral land. It was a powerful and gleaming human nation that the gods gave to Noumenor’s first king to thank for their help in defeating Sauron’s old master at the end of the first era.

Amazon Lord of the Rings TV Show - Noumenor Island Recently Released


From his cell, Sauron created a plan to defraud Numenor’s government from within a wormy pattern, and after years and generations of the King was ridiculously successful. In Sauron’s ultimate victory, Numenor’s last king tried to paraphrase the heavens here – invaded the heavens.In response, the gods mobilized huge waves, crushed his fleet and buried the entire island under the sea. (The wave also sank slightly of Lindon mentioned in the synopsis. But it is best known for the home of Gray Havens.)

The fall of Noumenor is both Tolkien’s tribute to Atlantis, a legacy that lingers in his interests, and a recurring childhood nightmare about the home. Of him under the tidal wave Only nine ships have survived disaster, with Isildur, whom you may have known as the man from the outset. Friendship of the ring Those who refuse to destroy the One Ring and then die like a lump.

Both of these scenarios portray the arc of Middle Earth’s second era, as Tolkien described in the background of Lord of the Rings And in SilmarillionAmazon’s series may not have to be chosen between them.

The show was green for a guaranteed five-season run, plenty of time to do it. Game of thrones– Create a multi-gen (multi-generation) history that eventually led to the destruction of Númenor and the escape of Isildur – or even the founding of Gondor and the final battle with Sauron, marking the end of the second era.

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