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Amazon’s premature vote count shows workers overwhelmingly ready to reject labor unions.


The final results will not be endorsed by the NLRB until one week after the count as soon as possible.

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On Thursday evening, workers in Alabama Amazon warehouses appeared ready to reject the retail, wholesale and department store unions. With nearly half of the votes counted by the National Labor Relations Committee as of 4 p.m. PT, the union’s approval vote was more than two-for-one, with 1,100 votes against the union and 463 votes against. with The count is on vacation until 4:30 p.m. PT Friday, with results expected that day.

Workers in Bessemer, Alabama, cast their ballots over seven weeks, returning their ballots in the mail. In the historic elections to decide On whether to form the first Amazon union in the United States, about 5,800 workers were eligible to vote and 3,215 returned ballots. Hundreds of ballot cards were reportedly challenged before ballot counting, based on the question of whether employees were eligible to vote in elections.

The vote count, which was streamed live for observers and reporters to watch, took place at the NLRB office in a small listening room with two observers in a small gallery. Under the camera and screams “No!” Or “Yes!” As he reads the results. Observers have the opportunity to object to the vote if the intentions of the voters appear unclear. But it rarely happens.Amazon is the leader in early vote counts and is always ahead.

After the ballot is counted, the NLRB will count the final score if either side wins, with a margin wide enough that the challenged voters cannot change the outcome. If the margin is too narrow, the agency resolves litigation challenges that could take weeks.

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Amazon fights intensely against unions, with reports of hiring anti-union advisors at a rate of $ 3,200 a day and requiring workers to attend training disputed with unions.The company argued that it treated workers well with initial wages. Early at almost double the region’s minimum wage, including health, retirement and tuition benefits. The highly integrated workforce can drive Amazon’s costs, and Amazon’s use of robots and automation may be mentioned in the warehouse.

While Amazon is the clear winner, the unions can oppose the election because of unfair labor or an improper election. In this scenario, RWDSU will have a week to object to the election. If the Labor Committee rules in accordance with RWDSU’s approval, the agency can order a new election to be conducted.

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