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American Airlines and Southwest join forces to halt alcohol sales

American Airlines has reportedly joined Southwest Airlines in suspending the sale of in-flight alcoholic beverages. After a Southwest flight attendant was attacked mid-flight last week.

The Dallas Morning News reported that American Airlines had told its crew it would not recommend selling alcoholic beverages again until Sept. 14, when the airline’s masking order was coming. expire

alcohol service It first ceased operations in March 2020 to reduce contact between passengers and flight attendants amid the coronavirus outbreak. It will start service this Tuesday.

The airline cited an increase in “Airplane Disruption Situation”

; when announcing the decision to delay the sale of alcoholic beverages

Brady Byrne, American Airlines’ vice president of aviation safety, told the crew in a letter on Saturday: “During the past week We have seen these tensions create a very disturbing situation on the plane.”

“Let me be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate physical harm or treatment of our crew,” he added.

Byrnes is well aware that alcohol influences “Abnormal behavior from customers on board”

“We are also aware that alcohol can lead to erratic behavior from on-board customers. And we owe it to our crew not to worsen any new or stressful situations for our customers,” he said.

Southwest Airlines told employees in an internal memo on Friday it was delaying the launch of another alcohol sale after a flight attendant was attacked during a flight. This service should be back in June.

“We recognize that this decision may disappoint some customers. But we feel this is the right decision at this time for the safety and comfort of all customers and crew on board,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told The Hill at the time.

One flight attendant was “Severe bodily harm” last week and lost two teeth after being punched by a passenger on the plane

The passenger was permanently barred from traveling with the airline.

in March The Federal Aviation Administration has expanded its intolerance policy against bad behavior on flights. While the officers examined the cases involving hundreds of cases of unruly passengers Many have refused to wear masks amid the epidemic.

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