7;s COVID vaccine was proven to be extremely safe and effective in teenagers and this 12-year-old boy shares his experience with a vaccine trial.

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Harry pitching, San Francisco has a health condition that makes him eligible to receive the vaccine before others as -19 Coast wid his age. But he couldn’t make an appointment, no matter what he tried. Turning on your computer at 6am and checking California’s My Turn or website proved fruitless.

So Toy, 62, asked his sister for help. Her husband, whose keyboard magic got her vaccinated, can get a pitching, just as California opened the rights to anyone 50 and older last week.

“It’s really hard to just know to be on the web and keep checking,” Elizabeth Angeles said as she and her newly vaccinated Toy walked out of a number of vaccination centers in San Francisco on Thursday. You have to be fast because sometimes you get in All of your information and when you thought it was done, the appointment was gone. My husband was angry with me because he said my email address was too long. “

Even people with fast fingers and a short email address will have a lot of hassle when arranging vaccination appointments when a qualifying floodgate opens to most Americans later this month.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday raised expectations, saying that all adults will be eligible for the vaccine by April 19, after previously announced that 90 percent would be fully qualified by May 1.

“There are no more confusing rules, no more confusing restrictions,” Biden said. But from April 19, all adults in this country are eligible to line up for COVID vaccination. ”

Features and availability are not the same, as Biden seems to imply, emphasizing the word “get to the line” with millions of people able to keep up with those elusive images. So all the costs appeared, prompting one expert to compare a possible scenario to trying to score Elvis Presley tickets.

Meanwhile, experts and others in the medical field say the increased supply will meet demand in weeks and it will take time and patience for anyone who needs a vaccine dose to get the vaccine.

“Expanding to open eligibility will lead to the first urgency of eligible individuals who are urgently required to receive vaccines, navigate the system and sign in the eligible minutes,” said Jason L. Schwartz, assistant. Said the professor of health. Policy at Yale University and member of the Connecticut Vaccine Advisory Board.

“But the good thing is that we are now moving into a critical vaccine situation where the timing is very short. Very soon, in the weeks after each state moves to open eligibility, we will be transitioning to a very different stage in the launch of the vaccine, where we will have a large volume.

Schwartz is one of the public health experts who consider Biden’s goal to be not only achievable, but “highly achievable,” pointing to a remarkable advance in his administration in the public release of vaccines.

Andy Slavitt, a senior adviser to the White House’s COVID-19 response team, said on Monday the United States had an average of 3.1 million dosing per day last week for the first time and set a one-day record with 4.1 million on Saturday. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 33% of Americans have received at least one vaccine and 19% are fully vaccinated.

Biden has pledged 200 million doses of the drug in the first 100 days of tenure, twice the amount he originally promised and available enough for everyone to qualify. (Most children don’t have) by the end of May as his administration tries to bring the country closer. It entered normal state by the holiday of the Fourth of July.

Dr. Robert Washter, Professor and Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of California-San Francisco, raised a significant increase in the US vaccination efforts in B + from the F in the first five weeks. Under the Trump administration He noted that the percentage of vaccines currently distributed that find their way into people’s bosom has increased from about 30%, which he calls “scandalous,” to about 80%.

“For a big country, we are a little behind England. But go ahead and everyone, ”Wachter said.“ I think you have to look at what we are doing and say. ‘That’s pretty good.’ ”

According to the Our World in Data website, the United States’ 50 vaccination rates per 100 population is just 54.5 of the UK’s in most major countries.

With total vaccine production from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson expected to rise to about 4 million doses per day, Wachter and other experts believe the vaccine supply will be higher than demand in the United States by May, where the focus will be. Shifted towards access to these things. Who are reluctant to buy

But in comparing the unexpected expectations for the April 19 vaccine appointment with older people vying for tickets to Elvis’ shows, Wachter admitted it was not yet effective in the April 19 vaccination program. Arriving, he predicts that some will attempt to play the system game and receive allocated volumes for those in disadvantaged communities, and others will drive to remote areas in search of a shot.

Eric Mowat, who works in downtown San Francisco, said on the day California opened the vaccine for residents aged 50 and older that it felt “amazing” to be appointed because he knew people traveling to Modes. Grow a distance of 180 miles for them. The first match, a week later, they will have to do it again.

Prashant Yadav, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, whose work focuses on improving the healthcare supply chain, said the United States has overcome two of the biggest challenges it faces in implementing the COVID-19 vaccination program: Having an adequate supply and vaccine

However, the lack of a consistent, integrated system for informing people when and where to receive vaccines remains a major obstacle. Every state has its own guidelines: Appointments are available through state and county websites, healthcare provider networks, hospitals, retail pharmacies, supermarket chains, and more. The CDC also has a finder. Vaccine

“The bigger challenge is how to deal with potential people. (Vaccine recipients), which will be eligible on April 19 with a cross-state, county and immunization scheduling system that doesn’t need to be discussed with each other, “Yadav said.

Yadav is expected to be frustrated by members of the public who logged in on April 19, expecting a plethora of engagements just to find few or none. The aggravation could be more pronounced in groups at the bottom of a priority list, such as couriers, mail carriers, restaurant employees, if their backlog was not vaccinated before that date.

Depending on the individual state’s decision, they may have to attend to the unvaccinated masses to find their shots, although Yadav believes they should be given priority.

In each population head, states such as New Hampshire, New Mexico, Connecticut and Maine specialize in vaccination, each population rating at least once per 39% or more of residents, according to the New York Times graphic on the other hand. One, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee had 28% lower latencies.

The expansion of Biden’s contract-based retail pharmacy program from 17,000 to 40,000 participants should help speed up vaccination efforts and meet his goal of having a vaccination facility within 5 miles of a person. Residing 90 percent of the country on Monday, Slavitt said the government has opened 25 vaccination sites that can deliver 95,000 vaccinations a day and there will be four.

Kelly Moore, associate professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University and deputy director of the Immunization Action Coalition, said the increased vaccination and the lessons learned from over three months of vaccination make it time. Appropriate to cancel restrictions on the priorities.

“Vaccine delivery is more effective when immunosuppressants can vaccinate anyone who has arrived without prioritized group screening,” she said. Were limited for a short time when vaccine devices were scarce, while these Efforts can help get the fastest doses of the vaccine available to those who need it most. It also slows down the vaccination process for the population. Now that supply is not scarce, we need to be fully open and fully vaccinated everywhere. ”

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