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Analysts overlook price of new Alzheimer’s drug New

– Monday brings big news that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new type of Alzheimer’s drug for the first time in 20 years, and then there is news about the price tag. That would equate to $56,000 for a year of Aduhelm, also known as aducanumab (a user’s self-paid cost depends on their insurance). CNBC reports that it shoulders above the $10,000 to $25,000 range that Wall Street analysts. Anticipated, Maker Biogen answered questions about prices on Tuesday. One analyst claimed that “Disconnect”

; between price and drug press releases—”Responsibility, Accessibility, [and] Health Equality” among them, Biogen’s explainer: Alzheimer’s disease costs billions of dollars a year, making it a “responsible” price, according to Biogen executives. More:

  • Those executives pledged to hold off those prices for the next four years and said revenue from Aduhelm would help Biogen keep up with its other drugs. Fierce Pharma reported that those revenues could increase substantially. Because of the FDA’s decision to approve the drug for all Alzheimer’s patients. compared to the subset of patients and there is no limit on the length of time the patient should take the drug This could result in sales approaching $10 billion a year before the decade expires.
  • But that’s just the price of the drug itself. It is paid monthly through an IV. Bloomberg reports that those taking it will need expensive brain scans to check that the brain is not swollen. And there will be huge costs associated with facilitating blood transfusions.
  • And then there’s the question of whether the drug will work: With its approval, the FDA has ignored warnings from independent advisors that the drug has not been shown to slow brain-damaging diseases. such as Barron’s and economic situation The $56,000 is several times the $2,500 to $8,300 annually the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, the report said. A “voice influencing drug pricing” in May said it would be consistent with the drug’s clinical benefits. ICER said Biogen’s price would only be appropriate if the drug could stop cognitive decline. really
  • Barron’s It noted that prices can have undesirable side effects for drug companies: The vast majority of drug users are in Medicare, and the huge financial impact it could have on Medicare could force lawmakers to deal with reforms. drug price in the end
  • economic situation Point out that Biogen has thick skin when it comes to complaints about the price. The company previously reported that it had operated on costly treatment of multiple sclerosis and spinal atrophy.

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