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Android 12’s beautiful color-changing UI actually works as advertised.

Android 12 Beta 2 comes out this week. And with so many features we can just look at the screenshots. workThis includes an ambitious Android color-changing UI codenamed “Monet”, and although it’s only a beta release But after doing it, I feel like the chameleon-like UI of Android 12 is already popular.

Monet or “Material You” as Google wants us to call it — easily change your phone’s UI color with matching themes based on your wallpaper. Choose a blue-based wallpaper and Android 12 will change the buttons, sliders, clocks, notifications, and settings background to matching hues. This arrangement sounds like something that cannot be done outside of a tech demo on stage. But now that code has expired. really At work, I spent my last day trying to maliciously break it down, and Android 12 reliably changed the color scheme with no contrast issues.

Google has been working on the color schemes that define wallpaper for a while, starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop and the “Palette” API in 2014. Monet represents a swinging second-generation concept, and while Android’s Palette API 5 Barely used at all. Google now feels confident enough with the idea that it can be used anywhere. Basically, every part of the Android 12 system UI, except the permanent black Quick Settings background, is based on the system-wide color coordinator.

For the system UI, a brief description The way this works is that Android 12 samples a single shade from your wallpaper. Then create a few colors by adjusting the brightness and saturation. choose green wallpaper And then you get bright green, dark green, unsaturated green. and almost white green which will automatically spread across most of the UI. The media player notification lives alone as it is about choosing these colors. And it chooses natural complementary colors that depend on your wallpaper.

To believe the slides at Google I/O, Monet would have been better when it came time to launch. One slide shows the wallpaper options showing different color options. created from your wallpaper So when it launches, Google seems to want you to move the color selection in either direction. In the buggy beta version, Monet sometimes selects a single color from the wallpaper when you first use it. It will then change to a different color scheme when you reboot. This indicates that there is still room for diversity here. Just no control

Now, the worst thing you can say about Monet is that it might not pick the specific color you want or expect. If you have something like most black and white photos with dramatic red highlights. You might want a red accent color to tie everything together, but Monet might not pick the color you want. those controls Assume that there is actually a delivery. Sounds like what the system needs right now.

In beta 2, Monet was only available on the lock screen, system UI, home screen, and settings, but at I/O Google demonstrated a color-changing calculator, a phone app, and a messaging app. which hopes to be created (How can Google resist messaging apps!) This new widget which is not yet released The color scheme you choose will also be applied on the home screen. Because we still can’t make the home screen that changes color. The new lock screen—which shows a big clock when you have no notifications—is the best demonstration of Monet in action.

If app developers want Monet to control their design, Android 12 provides different color variants. to the code in the code which switches back and forth whenever the wallpaper changes Developers will receive three colors of “Accent” and two colors of “Neutral” chosen based on the wallpaper. Moreover They can also choose the brightness value for each color.

Monet sometimes blows your socks off with its gorgeous and stunning color choices. That makes it very addictive to look at the wallpaper collection to see what Android will do with each one. The “Wallpaper of the Day” app now means you get a new OS color theme every day! Even in beta, Android 12’s new UI feels exciting and fresh. And it’s no surprise to see this color-changing UI concept copied by other OS vendors over the next few years.

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