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Android App Bundles replace APKs for new Google Play apps.

Google introduced the Android App Bundle format in May 2018 at I/O as part of its modern developments. The AAB standard will become the default for new applications released to the Play Store in August. this

To bring these benefits to more users and focus on modern Android distributions that benefit all developers. Google Play will begin requiring new apps with the Android App Bundle from August 2021.. This will replace APK as the standard release format.

The app bundle sees that Google Play takes device and language configurations into account to make the downloads to phones smaller. This optimization means that AAB distributed applications take up 1

5% less space on average than universal APKs. End users benefit from faster installation and more storage.

Google says it has more than 1 million applications using the App Bundle, which includes the top 1,000 most popular apps and games on the Play Store, including Twitter, Netflix, Gameloft, Adobe and Duolingo.

In addition to the APK will be replaced for new apps. Developers will need to replace Oversized Expansion Files (OBBs) with Play Assets or Delivery features. Similarly, the Instant App Android App Bundle will replace the Instant App ZIP to distribute a new and updated “Instant Experience”. T

Existing applications will be exempt. with private apps for managed enterprise users Looking ahead, Play App Signing, a key part of the AAB process, will leverage APK Signature Scheme v4 to “access upcoming performance features on newer devices.”

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