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Andromeda Galaxy Zoom-Out Videos with more than 100 million stars will blow your mind.

The vastness of the Andromeda Galaxy is perfectly captured in the zoomed-out videos shared by World and Science, a Twitter that frequently shares interesting stories from the world of science. Microblogging sites are shocking. The crisp zoomed-out clip shows over 100 million celestial objects. The clip begins by panning the camera to the right before zooming out and revealing that the M31 is undoubtedly a heavenly view.

“incredible! Zoom in from the sharpest Andromeda Galaxy perspective ever. Show more than 100 million stars!” wrote World and Science on June 9 and shared the clip with 2.1 million followers along the way of the zoomed-out video. The camera slows down a bit and reveals countless starry galaxies. some of which are easily identifiable due to their size. at the time of writing The video generated a lot of excitement. It has over 340,000 views, 1

0,500 likes and more than 3,200 retweets.

Teen Wolf star Ian Bohen tweeted, “A great view for anyone who thinks we’re alone here,” he wrote.

Another user (@idealust) wondered how not to live there. “The astounding number of planets around those stars, the trick is whether or not they were alive while we found them. beyond search not enough time Conflicts like this,” the tweet read.

User Chilly MIV commented: “It’s also incredible to think how far apart these stars are when they look so close together in the photograph.”

Here are some more reactions to this interesting perspective on the Andromeda Galaxy.

According to NASA, the Andromeda Galaxy is a graceful spiral of up to 1 trillion stars, twice the number in our Milky Way. Galaxies are so close to us that they appear as “Cigar-shaped smudges of light in the autumn sky,” the space agency said, adding that M31 is 2.5 million light-years from us.

In another post last month, NASA recounted that less than 100 years ago, many astronomers thought the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe. said that although astronomers debate the existence of other galaxies But Edwin’s observations of the Andromeda Nebula Edwin’s Hubble Hubble confirmed it was too far away to be part of the Milky Way. Then the Great Andromeda Nebula became the Andromeda Galaxy. And astronomers agree that our universe is bigger than humans can imagine.

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