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Angels fans let the trash blown away during a game against the Astros.

Los Angeles Angels fans get their money on the lure and taunt with the Houston Astros coming to the ballpark to kick off a three-game series at the beginning of the 2021 regular season.

The play was interrupted twice during Monday night’s game when a fan threw an explosive bin onto the pitch at Angel Stadium, moments later the actual trash could hit the warning track. Houston players are also faced with the “Astros suck” chant, according to ESPN.

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Astros players are not subject to this for a shorter season in 2020 as fans have been barred from ballpark due to coronavirus restrictions, it looks like fans are still embroiled in the cheating scandal that forced a dismissal. Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch had no active players involved.

Houston set up a project during the 201

7 championship season where the signal of an opposing player is sent back to the dugout and a staff member will smash the trash to tell the Astros to clash what’s to come. MLB’s investigation revealed.

Current Astros manager Dusty Baker argues that their debts have been paid off.


“You can tell the amount of hate and hate in the area,” Baker says through ESPN. “How many people in the stands have never done anything wrong in their lives, they pay the price? How many people have never cheated on an exam or whatever? At some point, I mean it’s very easy if you live in a glass house But I don’t think anyone will live in the glass house.

“I think sometimes we have to look at ourselves before you hate anyone. It’s a very sad situation for America when you hear things – I mean, what are the kids supposed to think in the stands? And some people They are the children who follow their parents. I am sorry people made mistakes. We paid us and I hope they will leave it alone. ”

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The Angels won the game 7-6 to deliver Houston their first losing streak of the season.

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