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Angie Jakusz, ‘Survivor: Palau’ contestant, dies at age 40

Angie Jakusz, contestant from SurvivorThe tenth season has passed. Jan. 8, after losing a long battle with cancer, People reported she was 40.

Jakusz was only 25 when she was cast. Survivor: Palau At the time, she worked as a bartender and artist in New Orleans, LA.

When she arrived at the game, she was targeted at the First Tribal Council after the Wulong Clan lost the Immunity Challenge. She later made an impression on her tribe by doing well in defying her tribe’s initial judgment on colorful tattoos and clear piercings.

Despite being successfully integrated with her tribe But Oolong̵

7;s defeat continued and Jacques became the sixth to be voted out of the game.

“We heard from her family three years ago that she was battling cancer.” Palau Roommate Koby Asha told people, “We raised money for her treatment. She’s not famous, it’s just an experience of SurvivorShe came, she played, and she returned to life in New Orleans. She likes her life that way. “

Jakusz is the second actor from Survivor: Palau To pass away Jenn Lyon died in 2010 after battling breast cancer.Archa posted a mournful photo on Instagram (below) of the two missing girls.

Jakusz is survived for nine years by her husband, Steven Calandra.

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