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Angry Birds Journey is a return to Rovio format that is now available for pre-trial release in select regions.

Rovio’s Angry Birds series has seen a number of formats over the years. It all started with a great slingshot game. But over the past few years, Rovio has treaded the water with a low-powered bubble sprayer and match-3 titles that are hardly worth writing home to. Journey softly, and to my surprise, Rovio seems to return to the start with a new entry in the main catapult series.

Above you can watch a trailer for Angry Birds Journey, which briefly shows how the game is in progress. As you can see, Angry Birds have returned to their roots with the return of the slingshot mechanism. As with the original game, you will spend a leisurely time flying birds at a tower made of blocks and pigs. As this is a puzzle game, solving each puzzle becomes more and more challenging as you progress, and as each bird brings its own unique skills to the table, you will use them to help you solve the levels that are Like a puzzle game

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7;s worth remembering that Angry Birds Journey was acquired as a pre-launch trial and is now only available in certain regions. Only residents of the United States, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and Poland can install the name. There is currently no word that Rovio will expand its reach to other parts of the world, however, as this release is not very popular, I think we may be able to see a global launch sooner or later. (Waiting for the success of this pre-launch launch)

Angry Birds Journey is free to play, which means the game is loaded with in-app purchases, and yes, for everyone who’s disappointed, they cost up to $ 99.99 per item. These purchases are for packs. The main in-game currency, although there are some starter kits that offer strength currency and a few other items, meaning there is a strength system in the game, although this strength initiation is not limited, as is the strength system. All strong, it will eventually go into gaming, which is always sad to see.

There you have it, Rovio is back in the bread-and-butter slingshot-style gameplay with the release of Angry Birds Journey on the Google Play Store, so if you’re a fan of the original game, you might want to start the Journey though its monetization system and stamina. Greed can bring people back, and that’s right, because there’s no need to make money from a simple game of this nature. But hey, no one says Rovio is conscious, but at least the game is free, so if you’re interested, you can easily watch it.

Angry Birds Journey
Angry Birds Journey

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