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Announcer pleads father Ta Sam to learn infant CPR after infantile atrophy

Bill Schammert (pictured here, wife Kym and sons Cameron and Theo) is raising awareness about the importance of baby CPR learning after the neonatal health scare (Image: Emily Hardy Photography)
Bill Schammert (pictured with wife Kym and sons Cameron and Theo) is raising awareness about the importance of baby CPR learning after a newborn health scare (Image: Emily Hardy Photography)

The news anchor̵

7;s family health scare in Nebraska led him to make a heartfelt plea for parents to learn how to perform CPR on their babies and children.

Bill Schammert, evening news anchor for KOLN-TV, a CBS subsidiary in Lincoln, Neb., Was choked during a broadcast Monday evening after returning to the news desk after his son’s hospitalization. First born while Schammert conveyed emotions to audiences on January 5, his youngest son Cameron, 13 days old, was sick, after which turned purple and “suffocated” as his father carried him. Into the car seat, though, Schammert and his wife Kym received baby CPR training as part of a prenatal class a few months before their firstborn son, Theo, was born in 2018, he told Yahoo. Life that he went into panic mode as he and Kym frantically called 911 for help.

“Especially as your own child, you panic and confuse and don’t know what to do,” Schammert said.

Fortunately, the 911 delegate, who Schammert hailed as the “hero” of his viral broadcast, can now “Lead us to everything” as both he and Kym performed CPR on their son. She also sent a doctor, who arrived shortly after Cameron began crying, a sign that the baby had regained his breath. Cameron spent 36 hours later in hospital where a chest X-ray revealed an idiopathic viral infection in his lungs.

“[Doctors] He believed he had a blocked airway, and at 13 days he didn’t know how to expel, so he stopped breathing, ”Schammert said, adding that Cameron is currently“ doing very well. It’s normal. “

While Schammerts managed to avoid the tragic loss. But he said the incident underscored the importance of learning about CPR for babies and children. He and Kym had their own review course with Cameron in hospital last week. Talk to the nurse about what to do in the event of another fear.

“I would like to encourage everyone – parents, grandparents, all parents, if they haven’t studied CPR, do it, and if they’ve done it and it’s been more than a year, it doesn’t take time. Too long to brush, ”he told Yahoo Life.

He added that he and his wife planned to meet with the dispatcher who helped them save Cameron.

“911 operators are truly the first line of defense,” he said. “They were our first responders and they weren’t quite recognized and they shouldn’t be.”

He also garnered the overwhelming comments on his broadcasts, many from other parents who shared their own horrific experiences.

“The overwhelming comments and messages and support are more than we could imagine, and I’ve read every comment on Facebook and on Twitter,” he says. “When you do something like this with your child, it feels lonely and like it. Nobody understands what you are going through, in fact it let me know the opposite. There are so many people who know exactly what we are going through and people who may lose their children, which is the most joyful thing we have survived who are sharing our stories of survival. And the impact of CPR on their lives, and that is overwhelming.

“The whole point is to let people know: this little thing, the 10-minute class CPR you get at work once a year, or what you learn 30 minutes before having kids. Don’t brush it. Because you never know when you need to know, and it truly can be proven – saving lives. ”

Infant CPR training courses are available online through the American Red Cross (Image: Getty Images Stock Images).
Infant CPR training courses are available online through the American Red Cross (Image: Getty Images Stock Images).

Dr. David Markenson, Chief Medical Officer of the American Red Cross Training Service, admits it is important to provide caregivers how to provide first aid and CPR, “in tragic circumstances, you can save lives. Yes if you “Trained”

It’s also important for specific training sessions for infants and children, he adds.

“Because a child’s body and how it works, especially babies are different from adults, you need to know how to help and CPR techniques and some first aid procedures are very different for infants and children,” he told Yahoo Life. While it is worth knowing what to do for adults But for children and infants, you need special training in CPR and first aid.

“Some of the big differences are that you place your hand on your chest. [to do CPR] “In infants, it’s between the nipple line and you want to press hard and quickly, but the depth of pressure is about an inch and a half less than in adults. If you are not trained, the best thing to do is press between the nipple lines about an inch and a half as quickly as you can, up and down, up and down. “

While he stressed that “the best thing to do is to be trained”, relying on the “three C” can save lives in the blink of an eye.

“We tell people to remember three things in an emergency and to remember three simple Cs: check, call, care,” he explains. train All steps are important and easy to remember. But we are really stressed about calling 911 early … the dispatcher is not only But will only ask for your help But still be able to talk to you on the phone what to do “

He also recommends using the speaker phone feature to give you hands-free calls while the dispatcher will guide you through the process. He noted that the Red Cross’s first aid app guides and connects users with 911 dispatchers via speaker phone.Markenson emphasizes the value of being personally trained in the classroom, which he ensures is safe and sound. “Clean” during the epidemic due to social disparities and the use of a single device – but online training is also available. Through the American Red Cross

“While it is a very rare occurrence where CPR or first aid is required for an infant or child, But it can happen, ”he said.“ And if you don’t know what to do, the results can certainly be frightening… In a hot emergency, the fear of not knowing what to do is the biggest obstacle. Training helps you do certain things. “

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