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AP editor defends decision to fire journalists from tweets supporting Palestinians

A leading Associated Press editor on Sunday defended News Wire’s decision to fire journalist Emily Wilder from a tweet supporting Palestinians.

During an appearance on CNN Trusted Resources, APAP Editor-in-Chief Brian Carovillano told host Brian Stelter. where Wilder was fired for her acting. “Clear bias” with her tweet. “Go one side and the other in one of the most divisive and hardest stories we’ve talked about.”

The shooting occurred during the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“It is very important that we maintain our credibility in these matters,” Carovillano said. “The safety of journalists is at stake and the AP’s credibility is at risk. Our credibility is constantly under attack. Our social media guidelines are meant to protect that credibility. Because protecting our credibility is like protecting journalists.”

stator Ask Carovillano whether Stanford College Republicans Calling Wilder’s past pro-Palestinian tweets related to her shooting, Carovillano denies the connection.

“You know, this is the Associated Press, so anyone who thinks the AP will be bullied by College Republicans doesn’t know much about the AP,” Carovillano said.

Carovillano added that the AP will always protect and fight for journalists no matter the circumstances.

The AP started a fire storm earlier this month. When Phoenix news associate Emily Wilder was fired for her past tweets two weeks after she started working at the company.

Wilder shared a statement on Saturday that she was “One victim of unbalanced enforcement of fairness and social media. which examines a large number of journalists especially Palestinian journalists and other black journalists in front of me.”

Signed more than 100 newswire employees. letter To support Wilder, who criticized their company for a lack of communication about her shooting.

Carovillano told Stelter that firing Wilder was a difficult decision and not a personal one.

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