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Apex Legends dev Confirms Season 9 Transformation Of Loba: Ultimate & Tactical

Respawn Entertainment Has revealed the changes they made to Loba in Season 9, confirming fixes for the constantly flawed bracelet, quality of life improvements, including the “lighting” adjustments to her Black Market Boutique.

When Loba was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 5, she rarely made it to the top of the legend. She sat down in the middle of the pack. But there’s still a lot of time to play because of her talent

Being able to jump across maps with her bracelet and steal loot with her fast-charging ultimate is a huge step compared to other Battle Royale abilities.

Over time, Loba became somewhat useless because her tactical ability bracelet was ineffective at all.Respawn has released some fixes since then. But nothing is stuck, which means bigger changes are in order. She will be part of the Legends line that has changed in Season 9.

Respawn Entertainment

Loba Joins Apex Legends in Season 5

According to Daniel Klein, Senior Game Designer at Respawn, many bracelet issues are going to be resolved in the future.

Responding to the discussion on Twitch, Klein said that Loba would have received “numerous bug fixes for the Twitch network.” [her] Bracelet ”but it still can’t fix everything right now.

Respawn’s developers also noted that “something” quality of life will also change with the bracelet’s capabilities, as well as “light” for her best Black Market Boutique.

Twitch Comments on Loba's Changes in Apex Legends
Screenshot via Twitch.

Klein left some knowledge of Loba’s transformation on Twitch.

Without a doubt, Klein’s parody message will spark many rumors about the exact change that will not be known until Respawn’s patch notes are dropped.

It seems that the bug fix of the bracelet solves the problem that when you throw the bracelet you can’t teleport and it comes back as soon as it has frustrated players for a while.

As for the “light” adjustments in Loba Ultra, it may be related to the cooldown period or time, as tampering with the number of items you can acquire will be a slightly bigger change.

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