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Appearance of the Russian army in the Arctic ‘Absolutely necessary,’ said the Kremlin.

Responding to CNN’s report on satellite imagery showing a large Russian military reconstruction in the Arctic, Peskov said. [Putin] Consider the existence of the Russian army in the Arctic as an essential element of military development. ”

“The Arctic is a very important region of the Russian Federation, which applies both to our borders and to our special economic zones. Economic potential grows every year. You know, there are general plans for the development of Arctic countries. Zones and all of these are being put into use on an ongoing basis, ”Peskov said.

Satellite imagery provided by CNN by space technology company Maxar details the ongoing and ongoing construction of Russian military bases and hardware on the country̵

7;s Arctic coast, along with a promising underground storage facility for high-tech weapons. New and torpedo Poseidon 2M39

This unmanned stealth torpedo is powered by a nuclear reactor and designed by Russian designers to peek past coastal defenses like the US on the seafloor.

Russian hardware in the High North area includes MiG31BM bombers and jets, and a new radar system close to the Alaska coast.

Russia's Delta IV submarine was photographed on ice near the island of Alexandra on March 27 during a drill, with an ice hole blowing to the left from underwater demolition.

“Nobody wants to see the Arctic as a region that has become a military area,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday as he spoke of reports of Russian military empowerment in the Arctic.

“We are clear that the region is a vital landscape, vital to the defense of our own homeland, and a potential strategic corridor between Indo-Pacific, Europe and our homeland, which would put the risk of competitive competition. Expand if you want, ”he said.

“We are committed to protecting your national security interests in the Arctic by maintaining regional regulations, particularly through our network of mutually beneficial arctic allies and alliances as we do. In that order, “Kirby added.

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Regarding those concerns, Peskov said, “It should be forgotten that America itself has never given up on its military presence in the Arctic, it has never diminished its interest in the Arctic.”

Russia’s creation has been matched by NATO and US forces and munitions. The American B-1 Lancer bomber stationed at Norway’s Ørland Air Force Base recently completed a mission in the eastern Barents Sea.The US Army’s Seawolf stealth submarine was recognized by US officials in August as in-area.

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