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Apple admits why iMessage turns Android off.

Epic and Apple are preparing to fight in court through the App Store (remember the whole Fortnite meltdown?), So in the lead-up to that tournament, both sides presented the documentation they have produced. In a paper published by Epic, where they took the time to dismiss some of the famous Apple executives, they created a case where Apple took a lot of measures to lock people into the ecosystem. I think they are suggesting that if Fortnite is not accessible from outside the App Store, on an anti-competitive iOS device, etc. However, the mention in the deposit is about Android̵

7;s attention-grabbing iMessage.

There is an entire section in the documentation (PDF) about iMessage and how Apple uses it to keep users on their systems. Taking it a step further, Apple executives openly admitted they were working on an Android version of iMessage, but decided against it because they had to get more if iMessage was still outside Google’s operating system.

During the retirement, Eddie Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Cue said in 2013 it plans to build iMessage for Android, which will offer “cross-compatibility with iOS platforms to provide users with both platforms. Messages can be exchanged smoothly. ”Why didn’t it happen?

During his discharge with Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, he admitted that putting “iMessage on Android was just a deletion. [an] It’s a hurdle for the iPhone family to give their kids their Android phones. ”That’s pretty funny. But you get what Apple thinks – Android phones can have them for a super cheap price, and they’ll be the best choice for kids, assuming the texting capabilities are legitimate and compatible with their phones. rule Text-to-text messaging, if the family had to separate the operating system, the idea is that they gave up and bought all the Apple products

Remember, my boy Phil Schiller, who is now an Apple Fellow, agrees that Android should not accept iMessage, but apparently it is more blatant to admit that it is because they want to lock people into iOS. Responded to an email from a former Apple employee who suggested “No. 1 hardest.” [reason] Quitting out of the Apple universe app is iMessage .. iMessage is a serious login. ”Schiller comments,“ Moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than it helps us. This e-mail shows why. ”

So for all the talk over the years about the prospect of iMessage coming to Android and everyone who thought Apple wouldn’t because they knew people were using iPhones, we now know that it is. The truth

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