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Apple admitted that iMessage for Android was killed to maintain the walled garden.

The legal conflict between Epic Games and Apple is already pretty serious. A court of public comment has pressed Apple and Google to lower developer market fees on the App Store and Play Store, and a handful of Apple’s antics have come under scrutiny by politicians and the general public. Now, a new court filing from Epic Games is opening up the possibility of an iMessage-exclusive worm.

It’s no secret that Apple maintains a large number of proprietary products and services to prevent users from unofficially jumping to competing platforms. But few are as successful as iMessage, in preparation for the trial starting May 3, Epic Games submitted a short filed with an excerpt showing that Apple̵

7;s management team made the decision by. Intent to limit iMessage to Apple’s platform.

The deposit inquiry line is intended to illustrate Apple’s use of platform locks to create a monopoly that allows users to rely on the App Store and in-app payment system, which emerged when Epic released a version of Fortnite. With a skirt Apple’s payment system

58. Apple recognizes the power that iMessage has to attract and retain users within its ecosystem.

A. Early 2013, Apple decided not to develop a version of iMessage for the Android operating system (ref.

B. Mr. Q asserts that Apple “can create an Android version that is compatible with iOS” that will offer “iOS platform compatibility so that users of both platforms can exchange messages seamlessly”. Q 92: 5-9; 92: 11-16.)

C. However, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering and the executive in charge of iOS, feared that “iMessage on Android would simply delete it. [an] It’s a barrier for the iPhone family to give their kids Android phones ”(PX407 at ‘122.).

D. Phil Schiller, the Apple executive who maintains the App Store, agrees that Apple should not offer iMessage on Android devices (ref. 92: 18-93: 1.).

Mon. In 2016, a former Apple employee commented, “The No. 1 hardest. [reason] Leaving the Apple universe app is iMessage… IMessage is a serious login. ”To the Apple ecosystem, Schiller comments,“ Moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than it helps us, this e-mail shows. Why? ”(PX416 at ‘610; Cue Dep. 114: 14-115: 2.)

The statement referred to Eddy Cue (SVP of Internet Software and Services), acknowledging that Apple was able to develop an Android version of iMessage in early 2013, however Craig Federighi (SVP of Software Engineering) and Phil Schiller (SVP of Worldwide Marketing). Concerned that it would hurt the company if it had software to remove barriers for people who might want to use Android, additional comments from other Apple employees stressed that iMessage is the most important factor in keeping people in the Apple ecosystem, and Claimed to be “Login seriously”

Of course, there are no technical limitations that prevent Apple from developing iMessage for Android, and most people consider this a strategic decision.Apple has never commented on whether it plans to create an Android version of iMessage, but with these messages in The revelation makes it easy to understand why there is radio silence in this regard. It doesn’t look good for public opinion, and it might help Epic Games in a ruling on its developer unfair business practices. But the practice is not illegal and will likely not attract the attention of regulators, meaning Apple is likely to Stay on course In other words, don’t expect iMessage to hit Android officially any time soon.

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