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Apple executives said AirTags are designed to track shows, not children or pets.

After AirTags announced this week, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of global iPhone product marketing and Apple’s senior director of sensing and connectivity, spoke with Ron Huang. Fast company About tile tracker and design and privacy


When it comes to designing the AirTag, Drance said Apple wanted to create a minimalist design. But unique to a tracker, remembering that it wants to create “Nobody has done this before in the industry.” One of the biggest selling points for AirTag is user privacy. Apple stresses that AirTag uses an encrypted network and that Apple or other third parties cannot read its location. Their own

Huang said even if someone finds your lost AirTag, they won’t be able to pair it with their ‌iPhone‌ and continue to use it. Both executives highlighted during the interview that AirTag uses Apple’s Find My network, which hosts nearly a billion Apple devices, making the entire experience safe and private.

The entire process is end-to-end encrypted so that no one except the owner of the AirTag, not the owner of the device, has a large number of people taking the AirTag’s location, or even Apple itself has ever been able to access AirTag’s current or past location. And the Bluetooth identifier that ‌AirTags‌ emits is not only random, it “rotates several times a day and never repeats, so when you travel from one place to another with AirTag, you can’t. The identity can be new, ”Huang said.

Drance and Huang are also curious to note that although nearly a billion Apple devices serve as a crowd-sourced monitoring network that helps track ‌AirTags‌, AirTag owners will not be able to see which devices where their AirTag is located. Exported or who owns them?

Earlier in March, Apple introduced a new security feature in the Find My app within iOS 14.5 beta that will notify users if the ‌iPhone detects an unknown tracking device, such as AirTag, used to track it. The purpose of this feature is to prevent incidents where an AirTag might be sneaked into the user’s backpack and used to stalk them.

In the event that this happens, the user will receive a notification saying “AirTag Found Moving With You” and then having the ability to physically disable it. When it comes to its safety features, Drance says users should contact local law enforcement if they feel they are at risk.

“If you’re concerned there is a risk of being tracked, you can contact law enforcement,” Drance said. [AirTag’s] The serial number is used for when you first set up AirTag, which is paired with your Apple ID, along with some additional information like your name, email address, your date of birth, and things like that. [Apple] Able to provide law enforcement if requested, with warrants and appropriate procedures. “

Apple is marketing the AirTag as a smart and capable way to keep track of items. However, questions arise if AirTag can be used to track children and pets. When asked, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, ‌iPhone‌, said the company designed AirTag to track merchandise, not kids.Executives advised parents to use an Apple Watch with a family setting to find their kids. In the case of tracking pets, Drance said they need to be within range.

When I ask Drance about parents who use ‌AirTags‌ to accompany their young children (for example, while visiting a theme park) or their pets. (We know you’re doing something shady, Fluffy.) She was quickly stressed out at the AirTag design company to catch up with the show, not people or pets. If a parent wants to keep track of their child safely, she suggests an Apple Watch with ‌ Set Up Family ‌ might be the better choice.

As for strapping an AirTag with a pet, Drance says, “If people do, then they need to make sure their moving pet goes into the range of devices in the ‌Find My‌ network,” so they can track it. Position of it.

Both executives also spoke about ‌AirTags‌ to YouTuber Rene Ritchie AirTag will be available for pre-order Friday, April 23 for $ 29, or a 4-pack for $ 99, with shipping starting April 30. First impressions and reviews from AirTags‌

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