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Apple is still struggling to unload the HomePods launch date.

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Two months ago, Apple decided to Cancel the original HomePodBut it looks like the product is still available in the Apple Store, and if you buy it, you may be able to get the HomePod from the originally released stock.

Usually, when an item is discontinued, you can get a huge discount, and if the item is remotely good, the rest of the inventory will quickly disappear. For example, according to 9to5 Mac, iMac Pro has been discontinued. Around the same time as the HomePod and the rest of the merchandise disappeared before the end of the month, the Space Gray HomePod sold out before Apple decided to retire the device. But the white version is still selling for $ 299.

Maybe a HomePod defender shrugs and says, what if two months have passed? YouTuber Michael Kukielka bought two HomePods after being discontinued, and they both came from Apple’s launch stock, just like in the HomePods, it has been made for the device’s 2018 release and has been in the box since. Kukielka posted evidence One of the two HomePods he bought was produced on December 19, 2017, while Other Was created on February 3, 2018, the HomePod came out of the box running the iOS 11.2.5 firmware, which was released to the public in January 2018. Another picture The HomePod’s plugs are covered in white dust from crumbling plastic after more than three years of sitting in the box.

See we know the HomePod Bad salesBut this is the next level.

The HomePod is one of Apple’s public recommendations, while many reviewers praise the sound quality. But the $ 349 starting price tag is huge compared to most of the other smart speakers at the time. A digital assistant that doesn’t suckThe main takeaway is that you’re limited to Apple Music, if you want to stream third-party music, you have to rely on AirPlay, a feature that’s been available on other high-end smart speakers like the Sonos One for about a year. After Apple released Permanent price reduction There’s a HomePod from $ 349 to $ 299, and if there’s one thing about Apple, the permanent price reduction on the active product is a rarity, almost unheard of.

It’s harder to recommend the HomePod now that the cheaper HomePod Mini is here, not only the original doesn’t receive any further price cuts. But also some owners Can’t access Apple Music Via Siri after updating to iOS 14.5.Since Apple Music is the few streaming services that the device natively supports, this is not good. Meanwhile, the Mini is a third of the price, which sounds impressive for its size, can do most of the original stuff, and it’s priced to compete with competitor smart speakers. It’s not a no-brainer.

Although we do not know the exact number. But it’s clear that the HomePod Mini sells much better than its predecessor. Sold out on the first dayAnd Apple itself confirmed in a statement. many Shop The Mini “has been popular since its launch last fall” for rubbing salt in wounds, market research firm Omdia. Approximately Apple sold 2.4 million smart speakers in the US in Q1 of 2021, with 91% of those sales being Mini.If the rest were the original HomePod, it would have sold around 216,000 units, but we’re still here for the next two. A month later, along with the remaining stock released Yeowch.

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