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Apple Music is rolling out support for surround sound and Lossless Audio.

Following Apple’s announcement during its WWDC keynote, Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio for Apple Music will be launching today. This feature seems to be available for some users.

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for many users Restarting the device seemed to trigger the feature to be enabled, but others reported that restarting didn’t help. Therefore, users may have to be patient to wait until they are available.

when available You’ll see a new option in the Music section of the Settings app. You can choose to have Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos Off, Always On, or Auto. There is an automatic option using Dolby Atmos content when your device is on. Connects to output accessories such as compatible AirPods and Beats that your device recognizes as support for the feature. for other types of headphones You may have to select the Always On option manually.

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A separate section has options for Lossless Audio, where you can open high-quality audio files and choose from more granular options to specify the quality of the music files your device should use when streaming over cellular over Wi-Fi. or downloading music

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In the Music app, you can also see which albums support Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio with new labels in the Album Details section.

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