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Apple requested documentation from Facebook for Epic’s case.

Less than a month away from Apple trials with Epic, Facebook is getting involved. According to a letter filed with the court, Apple requested some documents from Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t want it to.

Since Vivek Sharma, Facebook’s vice president of gaming, was assigned to testify on behalf of Epic, Apple has requested more than 17,000 documents related to Sharma that the company found to be in connection with the case, which Facebook responded as. “Requests that are inappropriate, unfair and unfair to Repeat to discover the facts ”

As reported by MacRumorsFacebook has provided more than 1

,600 documents to Apple, including 200 more Sharma-related documents.Zuckerberg’s company said:

If Apple believes that production is inadequate in any way, there is a chance it will take action within 7 days of the approaching discovery as required by court rules. Apple chose not to make this move prematurely. Should Instead of citing the surprise by revealing Epic’s Mr. Sharma as a witness at the trial, although Epic’s complaint claimed his name, Apple now wants Facebook to investigate and document a massive amount of additional documentation.

It is not clear if the Apple vs.

In addition to Sharma, Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and other Apple executives will testify in the Epic Games case next month in a statement shared with 9 to 5MacApple said it was “looking forward to” sharing “the positive impact the App Store has on innovation”.

Our top management looks forward to sharing with the court the positive impact the App Store has had on innovation, the global economy and the customer experience over the past 12 years. Intentional breach of the agreement merely to increase revenue which resulted in them being removed from the App Store. By doing so, Epic avoided the App Store’s security features in a way that would lead to reduced competition and It puts the privacy and security of consumers’ data at great risk.

You can read the letter written by Apple here.

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