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Apple Watch will get glucose monitoring feature by 2022.

The SEC filing for Rockley Photonics, the UK startup, has revealed a significant relationship with Apple that could result in the release of blood glucose monitoring functions to the Apple Watch in the year. 2022

Rockley Photonics is a UK company that designs sensors for examining human blood using infrared light. Such sensors can monitor normal composition using medical or specialized equipment, including blood sugar and alcohol monitoring.

In the SEC filing, it was first reported by the United Kingdom. telegramRockley is preparing to go public in New York and has revealed details of the financial relationship. According to the document, Apple is one of “very few big customers”


Rockley claims that the two biggest customers in its books accounted for 100% of the company’s revenue in 2020 and 99.6% in 2019, although it’s unclear whether Apple is the company’s second-largest or second-largest customer. There is a high probability that Apple is paying attention. The sensors and product enhancements, as well as being named in the filing, could be considered the startup’s major customers.

It is said that it has continued “supply and development agreements” with it that it is expected to remain dependent on most of its revenues. Much of the income comes from engineering costs for future product development work.

Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman said he expects the technology developed by the company to be in consumer products by 2022, although declined to state whether it was related to Apple.

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on a way to add glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch, with rumors of an “Apple Watch Series 7” claiming that the feature is on its way. Apple has also been working on a patent application. For components that can be used for dermal glucose monitoring rather than blood extraction.

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