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Apple, we know AirTags are coming, let’s go.

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We know Apple’s AirTags are definitely going to be there because The credible rumors and leaks about them have entered our news. Feed for what seems like forever Latest rumorsHowever, it gives us the glimmer of hope that we will see them in our lifetime.

according TechCrunch, Apple released new Find the My Certification app. Over the weekend Have third-party device or accessory manufacturers test their product functionality with the Find My app.This is included with iOS 14.5 beta. Activating the “List” tab. In app and The leaked impressions Shows a $ 39 dollar-sized device claimed to be priced at $ 39.Code generation within iOS beta and rendering is a good clue in and of itself. The company is doing some work. But that doesn’t mean those features or products will see the light of day. Maybe the developer forgot to delete something and iThe internal display may look very different from the final product.

A more reliable indicator is when companies start accepting third parties. It basically refers to something that is under development. Almost finished And it’s time for third-party accessory makers to crack, according to TechCrunch’s. App screenshotYou can test things like connectivity, sound, firmware, key management, NFC, and power.

Technically, Apple says it is adding third-party Find My support to WWDC 2020, most likely due to Tile’s length. Beef with applesThe company accused Apple of acting as a gatekeeper for its own interests. (In this case, AirTags not yet seen). Earlier in January, there was report Tile is also working on the new ultra wideband –Compatible trackers That’s important, as Apple has been secretly selling the U1 UWB chip on a number of its newest products, including Apple Watch Series 6 and HomePod Mini. Why is all this if I search my network? No Appearing to appear in the near future?

But when ?? When will we see them ?! We know that it exists and is almost done because all the evidence points in that direction. It’s been almost a year since Apple did oops and Leaked my own YouTube tutorial. Means Find My Network and AirTags. We’ve been talking about AirTags ever since. At least 2019 And now it’s 2021, I can’t help but stress how many breaths Gizmodo’s consumer tech team will take at last fall’s massive Apple event, wondering if we’ll finally see the thing. Is that offensive? In late February there were rumors that Apple would suspend use for a long time. March event To show off your new iPad and wait a bit – AirTags.

As we all knowIt’s April right now, there are no AirTags yet, but there are a lot of AirTag rumors.

Again, third-party reach is a more encouraging sign, so there’s good reason to hope that the long wait will be over soon, but please Apple help us all out of our misery and let go. AirTags! Free us from this product! After all, we still have AR headsets and Apple Car rumors for years crying.

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